Just wondering if anyone has any opinions on determining the value of a cog - for instance would one cog equate in value to one euro or to two euros or three euros? Or do you have another way to determine value? just enquiring as it would make it easier if I understood this when placing offers, tks

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There will be an information stall and demonstration of the website, during the Monthly Market next Saturday 25/2.

Find out how it works, and how it will benefit the community.

Well done Ruaidhrí, Laoukia and Jay - great job

I should explain how I ended up ⵛ300 in "debt", and the exchange had hardly got going.

I set up the website, but then realised that account was purely to administer the software. So I set up another account, as a user, so I could post ads etc.

When people started to join, I looked for a way of transferring the ⵛ15 we'd agreed. It turns out the administrator account, which controls the "system" doesn't have the ability to go into negative cogs, as users do, but you can transfer cogs to it, or from it. So I first transferred ⵛ150 from my user account to the system, and then transferred ⵛ15 to each member as they joined.

I did the same after the 11th member joined. I see now that it shows up as having come from "Organization Account". I had hoped it would appear from "The Dargle Exchange"

Maybe from now on the ⵛ15 should come from the user "Common Ground", and not from the organization account?

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Myself and Marie had a very productive time on the information stall at the Monthly Market. Lots of interest and enthusiasm from the members we spoke to.

It's amazing the variety of skills people have and are willing to share, from gardening and PC repair, to speech and language therapy.

This is just the start, hopefully as more members register with the Dargle Exchange, it will build and build.

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There will be an information stall and software demonstration at the market day next Saturday 28th of January.

Common Ground

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