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To join the Evil Apples Android Beta, follow the steps here:

I had a notification on the Android OS notification bar about a game invite, but when I went directly into the game, the invite was not listed. Only by clicking on the notification itself did I get to join the game.

Using ver 2.0.1-3176 (8075e3b)

Some oddities with notifications:

1- If I use a turn notification to open the app, after taking the turn in that particular game and pressing Back, it flashes and goes back to the same game's screen.

2- Sometimes if it tells me I have an invitation and I click on the notification to open the app, the game opens without giving me the chance to accept/deny the game. It appears to reject the invitation under that circumstance.

3- Feature request: If I reject (accidentally or intentionally) a game invitation, I'd like the chance to view that and change my decision to join it after all.


I play a lot of friend matches now that I've collected a lot of players from random one of the most heard complaints is how some of these decks have 80 white cards and we keep starting out with the same cards more often than not.

OK so I discovered this bug not so long ago. It's more of a bug abusing system allowing to get a lot of cakes pretty quickly.

Using the redeem free cake, you can get around 15cakes per go if you do well.
If you spam the redeem free cake button you can get 1 cake per hit. But since the button animation has a really small but still existing delay, you can hit it multiple times before it actually disappear.
An easy way to get around it would be to obtain the cake after clicking on a pop-up window (with a simple message like come back in 4h for another cake) not just the button.

Greetings Overlords!
Since the last update, I have not been receiving push notifications from the game at all--except a free cake notification that appears when I actually open the game... I have all of the in-game and system settings set to allow notifications from the game, and have tried un/re-installing all game data, but still nothing... Help?

P.s. where are the game rules located? I was looking for them to see if you lose a point for getting snoozed in friend games? I know you do every time you get snoozed in randoms, but I wasn't sure about friendlies...


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The app keeps crashing whenever I try to open a game that hasn't began yet.

Away a bwug a bit ww was the a a bit aa

Got a bug when I create a game with friends, whenever I click on a person to invite them, the app lags/crashes

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Still getting used to the new look/feel of the game. Noticed under the friends tab, it looks like I have 2 notifications, but none show up. I'm assuming they're game invites.
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