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It's very vital for us to meet up to practice to sharpen our skills, take over lobbies, increase crew RP etc so in an effort for this we will try to coordinate times to net as many members online as possible. So everyone please comment the day and times (EST) you will most likely be online to play so we can make a consensus for a crew meeting.


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I need a car like this in GTA. It's so Beautiful. Wipes Tears 

Good Day Brothers/Sisters.
We are having an important reunion this weekend which date and time still undetermine if you haven't already told +charles maverickss +Phil Shobo or +Kiki Harris what day and time you are available please do so ASAP as the week is almost over. Happy New Years Eve, hope to hear from you in the new year.

I feel horrible my GTA IS BROKEN AND 2-3 updates had been out and I CANT PLAY 😫😫

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Tomorrow Friday October 3rd thru Sunday October 5th: The GTA Online Last Team Standing Event Weekend. Unlock the exclusive "Please Stop Me" Manhunt mask and the Fist Tee, get limited time only GTA$ and RP bonuses, enter special contests, plus an epic all-star Last Team Standing live stream battle tomorrow and much more await those with both the staying power and the stopping power to rule GTA Online's most high stakes mode.

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Saturday was one hellava GOOD day for GTA. At the VANILLA UNICORN with +Phil Shobo  +Alejandro Villegas  and +charles maverickss  who is all up in my space. LOL
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Inside the milljet, the cargo plane has a crane in it, and the shell of the bersa and classic croquette. All credit goes to lazy gamer.
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Just random Pic's in & around San Andreas. Exploration of Every nook & Cranny of the game Yields some Interesting Places & Things that I can't recall experiencing in any other game. Who else Still has fun In GTA online? +Jeff N. +Rene Bernardino +Phil Shobo +Dtae Thompson 
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I got 83$ by robbing ammunation.

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I got 51$ after robbing Hairs on Hawick.
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