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this is the first time I'm actually publicly speaking about how I am Suicidal.
I used to always wonder... why do people want to do suicide? Life ends when it has to! So I was therapist. to my friends who need help, and I still am.
Then I turned Suicidal. So I'm a Suicidal therapist. How wonderful. 
But I'm so mad at myself for being suicidal. I don't have a reason. Everyone thinks I just want attention, so that's why I never tell anyone anymore, and they think it's just a passing stage. So I put on a fake smile everyday, laugh, pretend everything's fine. But it's not. What my reason is? I don't even know anymore. Maybe my friends? maybe how I will never be useful? Maybe how I'll never be important? I don't even know. But I just know for a fact I am Suicidal. I need help, I realize that. I can't keep it all in anymore. I hate being the girl that everyone can just call me emo, weird, freak, and think I won't get hurt. But I do get hurt. A lot. And I'm always used for something. I don't even know If some of my friends are even real. I can be easily replaced. No one would care if I died. The world would be better without an annoying freak. I hate being me. Everyone thinks the real me is a girl who is always happy. But no, inside, I'm a fallen angel, curled up in a little ball crying. 
Dang, I haven't cried in such a long time... The tears just never come down...
Anyway, I may be suicidal but I really don't have the guts to kill myself.
I don't want to die like that.
But I am still suicidal.. it's just.. so.. agh. Complicated.
I feel like I'm a wimp. I can't even kill myself. I can't even cut myself hard enough to make myself bleed. Yes I have done self harm, but not hard enough to bleed. Agh I'm such a wimp.
Anyway, if you want to talk about your problems with me, Go ahead. I love helping. 
And if you want to talk about me about my problems, well just a warning: I'll probably keep some things from you.
And yeah.. that's it...

I'd like to see you help me. My mom yells at me for everything. My dad wants to tear my head off. I have no friends. Everyone who knows me hates me. I have grabbed the blade several times but never cut, and have attempted suicide only once. Think that's horrible? All my friends on here are pretty much the same. So I'm not easily cheered up, nor happy often. I have wanted to die since kindergarten. And I will die. I will.

I'm thinking about suicide because I am nothing but friggin weight my parents have to carry on their shoulders, I'm never going to be their "star" child or what they want me to be so I don't know why I even try anymore. I have cut myself before and I would commit suicide if I could but I can't

yeh i dont hurt myself or anything at all i actually like my life..

so y am i here i might try to kill myself but i dont want to be here

+Mix Lago why did you invite me exactly?

I'll be a therapist. I've been through depression myself. I know how it feels

Hi, I've saved 11 people from commiting suicide before. I love star wars and anime. And thanks for the invite +Mix Lago ^_^
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