Hi. Is there a good video of the second session? I haven't found any. It looks to me that this course material will be hard to follow missing the online hangouts :-(

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I'm not getting any emails from the course - looks like there was a session today

Hi everyone, I am working as a sensor physicist but am motivated to see if I can learn and make learning more fun for my son 10 yrs who is moving to the dark side of playing console games... 

Hope you don't mind me joining, cannot find my group!

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recording of the 1st session

Any comments on the first lecture? I did not manage to see all of it yet. Did read some of the paper... Will have to complete both of those. 

Currently training teachers and teacher students on the topic of ICT in education. 

This is a hot topic in sweden right now - people are at the same time starting to question the old-fashioned style of schooling, asking the BIG questions. How, what, and WHY when it comes to education.

At the moment almost all communities (they are the bosses of the swedish school system) have started 1-1 programmes, but very few put in the appropriate amount of funding and time for the teachers training on the matter.

I have a PhD in particle physics and have been working as a 10-12 teacher in physics, maths and the scientific method.

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Here's a spreadsheet with links to all the other class groups - I added this one (we're group 396)

Hello all. Nice to see a group forming. 

So nice to have found my way in here :). 

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Here is the main google+ community for the whole class:
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