Character Template

Name ~

Gender ~

Class ~

D. O. B ~

Zodiac Sign ~

Age ~

Height ~

Weight ~

Eye color ~

Hair color ~

Siblings ~

Tattoos ~ (image and location)

Weapons ~ (The choice between a KeyBlade or your own. Once you reach the max level capacity you have the choice to carry both KeyBlade and your own weapon of choice.)

Armor ~

Ability/Abilities ~ (This is not to get confused with magical abilities, as this is more like physical the physical aspect of things. For example "Runs incredibly fast". No more than 3 and the second two must be unlocked through leveling up.)

Magic abilities ~ (Elemental base attacks. For example "Lighting Bolt" When you first start out you will only have access to three magical abilities and as you level up you will be given more slots. The maximum slots are 6.)

Personality ~

Likes ~

Dislike ~

Bio ~

Something I've always been fond of and interested in was the different color variation of elemental spells. Dark Fire (which in kingdom hearts) had always been azure blue and possessed large amount of destruction Potential compared to the regular plain old orange flames. How would you all feel if we incorporated this into the community? I'm sure some people will already attempt this so by doing this we can crack down what's stronger than the other and what not. I would gladly tweak this out myself and everyone else can look over it if so be it.

Working on the template and I was wondering should we use an attribute scale?
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