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I wonder of the barrier will let squibs through or if the weasleys got a new flying car
I haven't posted in ages! I'm so sorry! My computer flipping broke, and the only way to post is my phone which is a struggle.
(I know this is late btw)

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Bored so doing this 😂

Have I ever .......
Skipped class ? Yes but only half hour of it
Done drugs ? No
Self harmed : no
Drank : no
Shop lifted : one thing coz it had no barcode
Gotten a tattoo : nope
Broken up with someone : no

What's my favourite ...
Show : pretty little liars
Movie : despicable me and killing daddy
Song : have loads
Artist : dunno
Singer / band : little mix ,liz gillies and pvris
Memory : when I went my first ever concert
Book : Lola rose

This or that ....
Invisibility or ability to fly : to fly
Cookies or cake : cookies
Twitter or Facebook : Facebook
Coke or sprite : coke
Blind or deaf : deaf
Tea or coffee : tea

What's my ....
Age : 14
Sign : Aries
Height : dunno
Sexual orientation : both
Longest relationship : never had one

What's my option on ..
Gay rights : well obviously I'm fine with it
Second chances : depends on the situation
Long distance relation ships : dunno
Abortion : I don't think it's right
The death penalty : dunno
Marijuana : what the fuck is that
Love : dunno

Do I ......
Believe in ghosts : yes
Sleep with doe open or closed : I have it half way
Have a bf / gf : do I fuck
Like myself : yh


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Say what
Yeah, why not?
ϟMischief Managedϟ

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Hello guys. I'm a bit embarrassed and guilty to show up after all this time...It's HPG, by the way. (Does anyone even remember me?) Anyways, life has been really busy. I'm in a new school, there's a sh*t ton of homework and haha actually failing stuff for once, and so I've been really inactive in life in general. I'm so sorry! I do have to say though, this page has really prospered since I last used it, and I'm really proud of all the admins :) Also, I might hand this page over to one of the admins, so comment below on who you think should be the new owner of this page.
So, I'm doing a little extra credit for school, and so can anyone recap the first book of the Maze Runner for me please? (We're doing a project on the second book and honestly I'm too lazy to read the first). 
Also, I have fallen into many YouTube fandoms since I was last here :D
Ugh, also, I'm really unfamiliar with the new Google logo...
And in honor of Doctor Who Series 9 which came out on Saturday, what was you all's favorite episode of Series 8? Mine was Flatline, for sure.

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When someone says, "What's Harry Potter??"
Animated Photo

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Flipping heck

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This must happen. In honor of Fred on his birthday.

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So true
Everyone is so inactive
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