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Have you all converted existing adventure paths to Strike!? I’m curious, which do you think would take more work, converting Paizo’s Kingmaker, or 4e’s Scales of War?

Just wanted to ask a question about attacks made outside of tactical combat. Do these count as unskilled Skill Rolls unless the character has a specific martial skill for the situation? I was a bit confused by this because the example backgrounds don't have martial skills...

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Hi everyone, I'm going to be running the 4e modules The Slaying Stone and Hammerfast using Strike! this month, and I'm making some pregen characters for the players to use. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed by the character creation for tactical combat and I was wondering if anyone had some example characters for use with 4e modules or other D&D style fantasy games. Thank you!

So I recently picked this game up again, and I kinda wanted to just stop in and enthuse about it a little.

Recently, I've been playing Descent 2nd Edition with my gf, and one of the D&D board games before that, but I felt this gnawing sense of dissatisfaction with both. Although they use minis and maps, I couldn't escape the fact that there was very little depth to these games tactically, and the scenarios and characters mostly felt flat and uninteresting. Although we've role played before, and she excels at it once the ball gets rolling, it can still be a tough sell to get started sometimes. Board games are much easier, so I've been on that quest to find the holy grail that is a board game that feels like a relatively rules-lite rpg. I remembered the fun I had toying around with Strike! after it was released, and wondered why I ever put it down.

So last night, we ran coop through Ghost Tower of the Witchlight Fens, a solo 4e module. The variety of options for character creation across background, class, role, and feat, coupled with the encouragement to re-skin powers to fit your vision, gave us a lot of freedom and ideas. We ended up creating a fledgling vampire (blood wizard/striker) and a disillusioned former witch-hunting cleric (necromancer/leader). (It blew me away that I was able to create a cleric by re-skinning the necromancer, of all things.) We talked about our histories and possible character arcs, so when it came time for the dice to hit the table for the first time, we were already immersed and eager to find out what might happen to our protagonists.

The rules were easy enough that she picked them completely on the fly, yet they provided enough options that we could see real tactical differences in the choices we made. Gameplay flowed quickly and smoothly, and...well, in short, we had a blast.

I have some other thoughts and questions, but I'll need to post them a little later. I just wanted to say thanks for a great little underrated game.

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Hey folks,
here's a newer version of the maptool framework.
It comes with a character generator with all the classes and roles of the core book (with the author's permission).

The Framework:

Here are also some videos about it:

Part 1 Combat Demo / Feature Demonstration

Part 2 Setting up a Character

Part 3 Setting up a new campaign, start a server & save a token

Thanks to my players especially der_dunkel and gnapo who helped me a lot with the framework.

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And Strike! Survival is out! It's perfect if you're playing a game that involves a lot of travel or dangerous locations. It contains ideas and tools for any genre, and you can find useful things here to borrow even for other games.

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I'm thinking about purchasing into Strike! after reading a little bit on it. However, the books are pretty pricey, especially the hardcover. Can anyone testify to the physical quality of the books?

Any hints for short 2 player - 1 gm adventures/campaigns?

In about 5-6 hours I'll probably try Strike! with the two remaining players of a formerly larger group to see if we can at least get some sort of gaming going.
We usually have about 3 hours of gaming time.

We still haven't figured out what genre and what sort of "campaign" (if any) we are doing, but any suggestions are welcome.

I'll keep you posted on any developments and actual gaming sessions.
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