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ROSTER (cannon characters)
Tord Larson: Taken
Patryk: Taken
Paul: Taken

ROSTER (position)
Leader: Taken

Leader assistants: Taken

Lead Medic: Taken

Battle Planner: Open

Spies: Five needed

Soldiers: As many as possible

Medics: As many as possible

Cooks: As many as possible


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Hello once more my soldiers. I know this community is dieing and I apologize for my very long absence. But I hope to post more but I have quite a bit on my plate. I will start posting profiles and concepts when I have drawn the art for the profiles and have enough time to write the concepts. I will be making a headcannon/concept slot in the community so go ahead and share your ideas! I would be happy to see them, and im sure the others would be too. But that's all for now until I start posting again so, see you then.

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So I redid the drawing of my uniform and it looks way better than the old one... 😳

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((don't know if uniforms had to be required so I'll use this pic for now if that's ok))
Name: Mya
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Role: Medic((newbie))
Likes: reading, drawing, sweets, helping out with any minor missions
Dislikes: being made fun of or being called weak
Bio: was disowned at a young age and has just wandered ever since. One day Mya had stumbled upon the red army and joined them shortly
Reason for joining: when she first joined she believed that this may be the only "true" family she has, not really caring about what the army does for a living.
((All I got so far.. I'll add​ a bio if needed))

*Mya is a new medic who has recently joined the red army. She soon found her way to the Mess Hall, looking around for a while* ((by the way I kinda stink at being discripive sometimes))

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Nickname: Cam
Likes:Pastel colors, nighttime, star gazing, Astronomy, milk chocolate, listening to classical or romantic music, reading,his brother
Dislikes:Crowds, waking up early, total darkness, dark chocolate, seeing gore, Math, scary experiences
Siblings: Zack
Height: 5'1
Personality:Friendly,good-hearted, cheerful, sort of quiet, introvert, always tries his hardest
Occupation/Position: Soldier
Reason of joining: His father was in the army, so he joined as well, along with his brother
Social Life: A few friends, not a social butterfly
Bio:As a little child, his father taught him to be tuff. He told them to act like the man he is, but he never ended up like that. His brother, on the other hand, became cold hearted. He was more violent than Cameron, and Cameron ended up more like his mother. He would always argue with Cameron, but Cameron never argued back. Cameron always loved his brother, no matter what he did, or how cruel he was to him. Though they both had to go into the army, Zack never really talked to Cameron, and they stayed far apart for a while. Cameron was heartbroken, but he new he had to go on with his life. Some of the girls at the base liked him, and sometimes flirted with him. He always rejected every one, because he had figured out he liked boys more. He never got a boyfriend yet, so he lives his normal days. Occasionally, he passes by his brother, always saying hi, but he never said anything back. One day, Cameron was able to slip into Zack's room, and he saw that he had blood on it. He then knew Zack was up to something, so they grew even farther apart. Then, a few weeks later, he confronted his brother, though turning it into a violent fight, Cameron loosing,and having to be sent to the medical room. Zack then reallized what he had done wrong, and a few days later,he visited his brother, and they made up. They've been working hard together as a team for the past year, though they weren't together a lot for reasons Cameron didn't know about.

Could I rp as Tord? If its ok with the admin!

Fun fact-Tord has Grey eyes. Its canon. ._.

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Haha I have two more after this.

Name: Aletha 'Staggie' Staorn(Aka my persona yay)

Age: 18

Personality in one sentence: A vengeful demon(figuratively) hides behind a small and quiet exterior.

Position: Medic

Appearance: She has dark brown shoulder-length hair (It's super long in the picture because I'm bad at consistency) buzzed on both sides. She tends to flop it over onto one of the buzzed sides. She used to have it dyed purple, and near the tips of her hair you can see a little bit of the dye. She has a bright purple tattoo of an eye on her forehead. Her eyes are light grey.

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Idemromantic/Autochrissexual. (Yay sexualities that probably nobody here knows about.)

Reason: To run away from herself.

Relationships: She absolutely hates Leohna.

Theme Song: Cosmic Love by Florence And The Machine

Quote: "I've gone through hell and came out singing."
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