role here: little brother, big brother, slave, master, little one, daddy

name: richard

age: 17

gender: male

personality: vengeful to those who hurt his loving ones, friendly, over-protective, funny, strong mental and fysical

sexuality pansexual double sided so sub and dom

likes: helping people, trying new things, having fun, music prefers the rougher style

dislikes: bullies, jerks, places with much people

bio: unknown

((since i dont have a picture yet i will describe the look))

hairstyle: haircut

haircolor: bronse blonde

eyecolor: doll

length: 5'7

weigth: 60 kg

tattoos: none but want one from a dog paw that have a heartshape and a phoenix

piercings: none

clothes style: change with his mood

skincolor: neutral

bodyform: not musclar but also not normal

conclussion he may look cute and innocent but he will be crazy too sometime

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i was walking in a park as i tug on black gloves then putting a gas mask pulling my hoodie up as it to get cold and windy as i grunt each time i walk and my head twitches for a odd reason as my lens turn red

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I got home left the door open didn't really know or care as I got the bathroom I strip my clothes off and my gas mask as I got into a shower and stand there letting the liquid run down my body as I close my eyes for a bit

are furries allowed

thxs for appecing me +cherryblossomwallflower cant tag don't worry i'do my profie

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((I don't want to Auditor!    Auditor: do it you baby     Me: sighing))

Name: Matt
Age: 16
Sexuality: Bisexual
Height: 5'9
D.O.B: Feb 5
Horoscope: Aquarius
Gender: Male
Race: Angel ((Formerly))  Fallen Angel/Human ((Now))
Likes: Meditation, Training, Family, Reading,
Dislikes: Rape, Unnecessary Conflict, Arguing  
Personality: Caring, Protective, Brave, Ruthless
Weapons: Chanted Katana ((able to turn any demon into a angel state)), Black Sword ((able to kill any specie)), Blue Revolver
Abilities: Chi Punch, Chi Kick, Shadow Dash, Shadow Slash, Healing Factor ((isn't that strong healing)), Chi Burst, Chi regenerating, Chi Ball, Heavenly Sword, Shadow Clone, Deadly Touch ((deadly pressure point)) and Demon Transformation ((if angered))
Quotes: no one can make your destiny but you, in order to forgive someone you must forgive yourself, chose the road of redemption it's a better path, to beat your enemy you must defeat yourself, you can't defeat the demon within you but you can control it
Bio: Was once a kind angel child who got lost in a forest and cried until was found by a Shaolin /Buddhist Monk who help him find his family again and gave him a amulet to protect him from evil creatures after going through a lot of training he decide to become a Fallen Angel but was afraid to tell father but father allowed cause he wanted his child to chose his path so he did but he was called many things and beaten for it and was later kidnapped and tortured physical then later mentally then was found but was In a demon form from losing faith and mental and physical pain, he later left and went to japan where he met a samurai ronin who trained him in the way of the samurai and became more skilled with a sword then later went to the monk from his childhood who was glad to meet him again and trained him in chi abilities and mediation and he later went to heaven where he was welcomed home and went on a mission where him and a friend sparred and went to save a family but he was killed by his friend but he felt something not right almost like his friend was possessed then wake up in a new body without any memories until now

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I walk into the kitchen in my home and I pull out some glasses and and a bottle of vodka as I then grab some cherry juice and a lime and place the drink into a shacker and mix the drink up and smirk a little heh well I wonder if +Dark-knight Bloodflower​ will like these

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Name: Auditor
Age: Unknown
Height: 5'9
B.O.D: Feb 5
Horoscope: Aquarius
Gender: Male
Race: Dark Angel ((Formerly)) Demon ((Now))
Personality: Twisted, Violent ((if angered)), Hostile and can be Friendly ((if he wants to))
Power/Abilities: Fire Dash, Flame Port ((fire teleportation)) Black Flame snap, Weapon summon, Possession, Absorption, Fade through attacks
Sexuality: Bisexual ((he doesn't really care))  
Quotes: your going to be my new torture doll, with my army no one in hell or any other realm can attack me, I prefer a suit and tie it's more how you say classy, hm my flames are stronger then the flames of hell
Bio: Limping from a body with a stab wound from his chest then fell into the river nearly drowned then got to a safe place then fainted from blood loss and was later found by a girl who took him in and healed his wound and chose to live with her since this was the one person who showed kindness towards him and later fell in love with her until demons came in and took her as he chased after them and at pure shock he watched them as they raped her then killed her infront of him in pure rage and anger he killed them in any brutal way then burnt their corpses to nothing but ash in anger and sadness he lose his wings as they became demon like and his halo turned red as so did his eyes, he later travel around the world stripping of his armor as he chosen a black suit with a red tail and start recruiting demons, ex arch angels, dark angels, fallen angels, blood angels and any creature that will join him as he awaits and kills anything or anyone who will get in his way of power

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Master profile
Name: sage

Last name: russella

Age: 18

Weight: 187.4

Height: 5'8

Birthday: November 12

Gender: male

Race: human ((holy knight))

Personality: cold at first but is kind and caring and is very protective of friends, family and loved ones. Is also compassionate and helpful to those in need.

Weapon: straight sword and shield

Appearance: ((Like the picture blow)) 


heaven blade: a powerful blue blade made of pure fire that can cut through metal and anything demonic

claw of holy darkness: a slash with the users hands with make long black lines of darkness that fly at its target at fast speed and explode in a blackish white aura on impact.

heaven shield: a giant blue and clear sphere around the body of the user that deflects incoming projectiles as well as some close up attacks

Soul-destroying arrows: I large white energy arrow like form that follows its target and explodes in a holy arua

Darkness tenticals: tenticals that are able to be used to turn into a blade and cute threw things, as well as able to grab and through and pull something to the user, also can be used to wipe it swipe things like a tail of a animal

godflame: blue fire ball that can be shot from the palm of the users hand



God strike: a blue lighting bolt that can be thrown at its target and follow them and on impact it explodes in a blueish white aura of electricity

Likes: protecting friends and family, fighting for what's right, relaxing, meditation, quite places, writing songs, Star glazing, being with a loved one

Dislikes: evil, corrupt demons, rape, cruelty, idiots, corruption

Relationship: in a relationship with +Dark-knight Bloodflower​
"who are you to change this world for the worst?"
"I'll send you to the lowest floor of hell!"
"To protect others, one has to protect ones self"

Sexuality: straight

Occupation: holy knight

Weaknesses: black magic, loved ones getting hurt, evil Magic,

BIo: at birth his parents were killed by a group of bandits and became and orphan and he was found by a kind Catholic Church priest and was raised by him and was made into a holy knight of the church. but one day some of the priests were commuting a crime of raping a women and he found out he went and killed the priests for what they did and he could not be with church anymore. Knowing that he would be punished for doing what was right, so he took the women and some of his friends that were knights And they left and went to a small town and started a holy knight guild to protect it from demons, bandits or anything that would attack it. Later, he then unlocked something inside of his soul that gave him Amazing holy power that was given to angels, and then he started to go to hunt demons that would ever hurt the towns people. i then meet a demon women that I soon feel in love with and years later I started to fall in love with and the same went for her, but then her father Lucifer as she was pregnant sent demons to attack us as she ran away do to her weak condition I was killed fighting the demons off and she saw and went into a blood rage, killing all the demons. She mourned for me and she lost the child do to her body being pushed to far over the edge, my soul was forcefully dragged to hell where I was chained us and nearly tormented and killed over and over again for almost 1000 years, then around the 20th century her brother gab and his friends, Jay, and saka saved me and let them selves get trapped in hell as they forced me to escape, I then found my wife again and remade our family and had kids, gab got out of hell on his own and saka as well did but I had to free Jay and bring her back. And so I did, now I live a happy life with my family and friends, doing what's right to make the world better bit by bit.
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