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Pedro Peguero Jr.

Discussion  - 
Q&A session with Lally Narwall (Director of Product Marketing) and Dickon Isaacs (Design Director)! 

Here are some if not all of the answers you guys asked for! If your question wasn't asked, don't fret! I'm sure there will be more opportunities in the future to do so! 
Moto 360 Confirmations

So #motomakers  had the privilege to talk to some of the main people who are in charge of the new Moto 360 (Lally Narwall (Director of Product Marketing) and Dickon Isaacs (Design Director))

Here are some questions and answers that are confirmed from them!

Does the new Moto 360 have NFC?
No NFC. Waiting for market to strongly ask for it, and that people aren't as comfortable as using their watch to pay as of right now.

Why didn't they go with an AMOLED display?
They explained how the first gen LCD was a good experience. LCD allowed for better price point as well and greater detail.

Does the new Moto 360 charging cradle work with the older 360?
The new design doesn't work as well with old chargers. Recommends only the 2nd gen charger. It works* but not to standard of full compatibility. Second gen charger IS  backwards compatible with the old 360 though.

Will the new Moto 360 watch faces ever make its way to the old 360?
New watchfaces will not be available. They are still evaluating though.

Will there be a Monolink option for the new Moto 360?
As of right now, no. They are pushing more and more that the new 360 can take any standard band, so they aren't really planning on releasing "exclusive" bands through Moto Maker.

That's it for now! If there is another Q&A session, I'll be sure to keep you all updated!

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Too bad about the Mono Link band. They would have sold a ton of them. So much for what the customer wants.
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Kevin Johnson

Watch Face Designs  - 
Iron Watch Face looks great on every watch
Interactive face with weather forecast and custom colors.
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Ammar Lanui

Watch Face Designs  - 
Rainbow Sweep watch face for Android wear with the beautiful and colorful design :

#androidwear   #watchface   #moto360  
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I figured it was compatable but someone else might not and you might lose a sale because of it.
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Tatsiana Mironchyk

Watch Face Designs  - 
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Alex Galkin (WatchStudio)

Watch Face Designs  - 
Glossy Classic Interactive Watch Face  just  released!
Now you can setup color palette directly on  your watch.
Extended interactive widgets  (weather, missed calls and unread sms, heart rate,  stopwatch and  timer) available.
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Magic Watchface

Watch Face Designs  - 
New face "Iron" is coming in one week,and it is interactive! Guys , do you like it ? Or maybe you wanna more feature to be added into this one ? Please share your idea here ,we would like to know !
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just picked up my first Android Wear: Moto360 Gen2 Silver & Cognac 46mm <3 So glad to have switched over from iPhone now using Moto X Pure Edition 2015
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cool combo😍
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Don Henry

Watch Face Designs  - 
Free: Android Game & App Developer Bundle, Master the Tools Behind the Trade with 5 Essential App Development Courses
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Davor Stojanovic

Watch Face Designs  - 
Torque Watch Face is now interactive!
Now you can read unread messages, check missed calls, see weather forecast and change colors on tap.
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Rick Reeves

Discussion  - 
Does OK Google work faster on the 2nd Gen Moto 360?  On my first gen Moto 360 you have to pause for two seconds before saying OK Google or it will not hear it.  There is a little lag there which can be annoying.  Sometimes it just doesn't work at all.  At first I thought it had something to do with the network.  It seemed to work better on my home wifi than my work wifi.  I've tried resetting it several times.  No luck.  Have they fixed this on the new one with the dual mics and better processor? ...question for someone that has owned both.  Thanks
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Hi on my generation 2 the response seems to be linked to the watch face. On some watch faces okay Google responds immediately and on others it does not respond at all even after repetitive prompts.
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Soe Min Thu

Discussion  - 
I found watchmaker lags a lot and so

Is there any alternative you might recommend?
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+David Sears Thank you so much
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About this community

Welcome to the Official Moto 360 community from Motorola Mobility.

Bradley Larcher

Watch Face Designs  - 
Proudly representing. Watch face courtesy of the Minimal & Elegant and Extreme Presets community. Moto Machine 
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There is nothing minimal or elegant about that at all. Extreme, yes. 

Also, very opposite themes for a community name. Not good.
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Marcin Stepien

Watch Face Designs  - 
Zodiac Watch Face - about 40 options for interactive functions 
Perfect for Huawei, all Moto, LG and Asus, Samsung GLive too 
Presets, info rings, fit integration and many, many more :-)
Google Play Link:
Check out the following brand new interactive functions of Zodiac:
- Run any app installed on your Watch
- Apply Next Preset
- Music Play/Pause (on phone)
- Music Next (on phone)
- Music Prev (on phone)
- Mute (on phone)
- Control Spotify
- Control Pocket Casts
- Un-mute (on phone)
- Open Settings
- System Apps (Flash, Timer and etc.)
- Mute/un-mute (on phone)
- Phone Flashlight (on phone)
- Voice Recording (on phone)
- Visibility of side numbers on watch face
Run / Show:
- Agenda
- Android Wear Weather
- Motorola BODY (NEW)
- Motorola Steps (OLD)
- Motorola Heart Rate (OLD)
- Motorola Health (OLD)
- Google Translate
- Google Maps
- Google Keep
- Google Music
- Google FIT
- Google Hangouts
- Stopwatch
- Asus Wellness
- Asus UP by Jawbone
- Asus Compass
- TellMeTheTime (on phone)
#androidwear   #smartwatch  
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Jason A Torar

Watch Face Designs  - 
Best watchface 😁
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Ok. I do. Tnx 
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Thomas Hemetri

Watch Face Designs  - 
Running Watch Face at
Steps, calories expended, distance, altimeter, heartrate, stopwatch for sport!
Weather, unread emails & messages, missed calls, batteries for all day life!
With custom colors and many other options
Try it
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Anyone else having trouble with their Moto 360 2nd Gen staying connected to their cellphone? I've Factor reset three times and I'm still having the same problem.
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+David Sears​... I'm not sure what or why, but that's what I believe created the problem. Weird.
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Brandon Ezell

Discussion  - 
Battery has been fried two days in a row with nearly identical massive drops in battery life. Anyone else having this problem with gen 2? Already tried factory reset. No luck.
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Fully charged mine all all night last night. Took it off the charger at 8 o'clock this morning, 12 1/2 hours ago. It is now at 22%
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Al Koc

Watch Face Designs  - 
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Trey Rush

Discussion  - 
Finally decided to try the Steel Connect pocket watch loop on my Moto first gen. 
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+Trey Rush​ - It still looks cool and I would imagine fairly unique (I kind of wonder how many pocket watch adapters they sold in total - with the new 360 it isn't an option and I doubt if any other manufacturer will copy the original design). SteelConnect used a picture of mine (it had an old fashion coal fired steam engine for a watchface) in some of their promotional media. I like the idea because it's different.
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Truman Tang

Discussion  - 
Hello all! Could any fellow Australians please advise me on where to get a 2nd gen moto 360 for a decent price? its tough down here
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You'll still get hit by the exchange rate, but why don't you VPN into the US and get your purchase shipped to a shipping forwarder? They aren't cheap but aus post are reliable 
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