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#Moto360Sport makes the most of Android Wear with the new GPS functionality, so you can leave your phone behind. One simple way to stay #MOTOvated.
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I think it's time to pin something else. This one has been here for too long.
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Marcin Stepien

Watch Face Designs  - 
I thought you may like the Tux version of Time :-)
Preset for M&E:

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Marcin Stepien

Watch Face Designs  - 
Thousands of watch face presets for free.
All for M&E.
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+_ drtikv​ just scroll down the given link :-) here is the direct link:
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Michael Rizzo

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Sorry if this has been do I stop Google Maps from telling me how long it is to home or work without disabling Google maps on the watch? This is a Gen 2 watch.

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If I remember correctly it isn't Google maps that does it. It's google now, or just "Google" as the app is called. Open the google app and go to settings, and then it's somewhere under now cards. 
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Guard Watch Face
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+RichFace​ I bought it today, have few of your faces, thank you!
One comment, it's not getting battery information from phone. It's showing Fit and weather, but phone battery is stuck on 20% (phone battery was 20% few hours ago, I charged it to 100%).
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Thomas Hemetri

Watch Face Designs  - 
Just released: Phantom watch face

With F R E E & P R E M I U M features
Here is a shortlist of the available features:
- Background choice (12 availble)
- Hands choice (4 available)
- Background color blending
- Elements color choice
- Digital time & background color choice
- Show/hide hands
- 12/24hr format
- 8 datas to display in the 2 widgets
- 4 custom shortcuts on edges for your favorite applications
- 3 ambient modes (including one colorfull)
- Ambient mode luminosity
- Manual/automatic location for weather
- 2 weather providers
- Secondary timezone
- Preset manager (save, load, share!)
and a lot more... I will stop here, feel free to discover them!

With round & square design
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Valentin Diho

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Bonjour, j'ai depuis 2 jour un petit souci sur ma moto 360 2015, elle ne vibre plus au notification plus rien.. numéro de build M1D63M
Android wear:
Services Google play: 9.6.83 (350-133155058)
Plateforme android: 6.0.1
Je l'ai associé à mon nexus 5x version Android 7.0 correctif de septembre 2016 est ce que quelqu'un a ce problème aussi? Merci pour vos reponses

Hello, I have two days since a small problem on my moto 360 ​​2015, it vibrates more notice anything ..

build number M1D63M
Android wear:
Google Play Services 9.6.83 (350-133155058)
android platform: 6.0.1
I associated with my 5x Nexus Android version 7.0 patch from September 2016 anyone have this problem too? Thank you for your answers
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Ram Mor

Watch Face Designs  - 
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Very good!!
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Timothy Vance

Watch Face Designs  - 
Baseball all year long with this face. Just one if many faces from me at Curious, do you like the dark ambient face better than the colorful ball field? 
It is baseball season all year long with this tremendous looking watch!
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This month we're giving away a Galaxy S7 and a Gear VR. Also be sure to check out our roundup of some of the biggest news of the month.
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No Note7?
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Rishvan Rasheed

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Hey people. Past 2-3 days I notice I'm not getting notifications to my watch. Like when someone call or when I get a notification from a app. Then I tried to restart watch. It worked for a while and again when I used my watch today, notification were not coming.. can anyone tell me what's the problem & and solution for this. Thanks. 
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+Rolf Salhus 2nd gen
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Mladen Babic

Watch Face Designs  - 
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Wow! That's great dude. I r8 8/8 M8 
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Herman Leung (PRIMRIA)

Watch Face Designs  - 
Watchface of the day : something refreshing today / Tropical by Kallos
Leather straps by Primria @ Etsy
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