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This community is a forum to discuss and strategize practical methods to leverage privacy, security, and other technologies in all possible legal ways to slow and/or stop abuses by Donald Trump, his administration, and his supporters. All submissions to this community will be moderated before being published. Let's get to work saving the USA and the rest of the world from evil.

A few opening thoughts to get the ball rolling. While Trump is the proximate reason for the establishment of this community, it's my hope that our scope will be sufficiently broad to be useful beyond Trump -- both here in the USA and around the world where sociopaths and tyrants are also in positions of power. There are obviously a number of categories in which these efforts naturally fall, including (but not limited to) what we can do as individuals, as organized groups, and as commercial entities.

In that latter category, I feel that it is important that the appropriate legal frameworks be in place to ease deployment of these efforts. For example, Google and various other major tech firms (with the glaring exception of Oracle) have pledged not to assist Trump with the creation of a Muslim Registry. But it does not follow that Trump's administration or other entities wouldn't try to leverage (for example) Google resources themselves -- without Google's cooperation -- to build such registries or other racist database or communications systems.

I believe it is important that firms review their existing Terms of Service with these possibilities in mind, then clarify/update them as necessary to make it crystal clear that such activities fall outside the permitted scope of use. These are important foundational steps. - L
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