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I've heard something truly and causes I have heard this way you know I may all things and if you text one that God made any counter to pick on that person to a person doesn't have anything to eat lost his memory and God knows exactly who he is attacking God is like if a man texts are Angel and diverter same man cuz the Angels power God cuz God made man and the whole truth having to be do anything to alter or change that for no reason that you in trouble

Pinellas Angel at the curse I pretend mad at Angel in the Bible it says Angels Came Down the midst of a was with my hand I know time and everything else as long as I can and God's eyes and his heart and pictures and I have discussed cuz he being mad

I had to hear this truthfully listen to this what you had was the song or riddle what the spirit on the left after you lucky I want you understand what I know LOL word how are the warning and our old spirit hanahan's light who is horse and a great light the time of that was Sora and a pain man Baird and all I was dark and mystery and evil 10 and I want you to understand when God created man saw the weakness uncleanness at the evil seed and things and God's cussed and Shane and Saturday night virgin when he weigh and the truth I'm happy mad Choice the hardest Choice he made I was like a critter and a picture and then on whole heart that may have swirl that day and I want to hear Ernest and Truth when all day was white that I did not like things right and his eyes what a fright before he did that

I want you to see hear this In Dying Light that was spoken in the world anyway in time I know I lied in the dark but the guy was sitting over there nicely I tell you a story I missed you happy Canada India time Darkness hover over the depths so deep in the presence of an I lied was on the phone and so the truth it spoke the first word that came true chainsaw away sorry was beautiful good please and hard unseen

Oh I want to know about that job down bad I can run down the steps and hoping the days. They will rest in the truth of the tables to sit when the people worship nature was called and when God Hawaiian not a god named hey hey Angel one hole size and shape in your needles the x or the times of sex and daughter lifetime what happened iSpy clean up and one dream I had it was a cane in my heart I can't even the distance and a very far at one time I saw I still have to step down I don't care enough hold me then when the time I was calling what person I know he gave me the opportunity to give to the father and when that person Jesus said he sent across ages and levels in realize why he was in trouble cuz what the hell happened then here's what happened to me in my dreams

Here is the first one I'll send it to to you personally and a story about a storm see do you want to hear the store. I'll tell you that I made up I don't want you to understand I mean I'm still waiting on Match station and hardened the Heart and Soul on something so different that show you a point of view that all people has a story storm and see see you again it was the waves with the teens and what does t is sometimes a storm and tone and sent angel home how to put does I know it talk that's out the devil treasury for cayenne Angels that's really human beings hello miss playing the world trick if people don't understand I Connie and Connie I cuddle and Stan Dental of Truth man and dos and so gentle truth Lassie is here and so true do all the bells and Santos the horse time so true Helen the horse I eat say or the grass at the trees have a and the wind blows he opens his eyes and ears to see eyes to hear the whistles to the body say and that Gentle Love he smiled cratejoy even with the blur and that gentle of all the love of God I was always truth Scott's party God all the corner and that Chantal hacola was a something sweet still the body meat and a gentle of the Waves when he was sitting down the drain on a b** I don't have pants with a stop at the stuff I was on a tree I thought Jen told us that tree Glitz

Talking about but you have artist and angels Heather van people's privacy and their minds and dreams house party your time you could down with the services in the Bible

Have you ever been taken I have to say this personally I love you both but dreaming this I haven't cuz long time I judge wasn't like that I win I start how does Ichi bad taste and feeling something's not right

the mind and the bite and the storm that right that's under for the clouds of Fire why I tell you something truth otherwise Atlantic house at war with the strength of we in that blows by the trees up all those down I went to trees that broke a land War a true or two heights class or two swords Classen bite and when the war's end I choose to stand avani win with love and all the tears and that time ago and not truth all this pain of vocal it dropped the swords down and then look at each other Weathervane for others in the blood sounds feel or the blood that hot laid on the ground they realize their hands are covered in the shame of others I'll be done and done it all ways they may have had one tooth about days there too horse will end the blood still doable and the truth of all I had it did speak its own kind of hat and I have had with God I had saw that and I treasure A-line sounds right and I trailer in the hard older and start on fire and a hands on this Earth where all the fives build I thought you was still standing and now I forgot then
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