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Hi everybody,
due to a Google+ technical problem we could not post anything on this Community in the last months. Fortunately, the problem has been solved, so now we are back and we are here to welcome your feedback and to give you updates.
By the way... stay tuned because new updates are coming soon! ;)

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I have found a bug, when I input the correct password, and click on unlock, it valid's but then error pops up(every try), as though it is main purpose for use, try to fix it as soon as possible.
Thank you

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Wiman v155 is out!

What's new:

★ BIG NEWS! Use Citymapper or get a ride with Uber directly from Wi-Fi details in map screen! (screenshot) ★

• Added support for right-to-left languages
• Lowered data consumption

In addition, some general improvements and minor bugfixes.

Enjoy your new Wi-Fi experience with Citymapper and Uber integration and report us your feedback!


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Folks, wiMAN 140 is out just for you!

What's new:

★ Wi-Fi Manager completely redesigned (screenshot) ★
•  it is now divided into cards to improve even more your experience; 
•  added a new card to let you enable your location and enjoy the full potential of Wi-Fi Manager  

★ Added pull-to-refresh in Wi-Fi Manager screen ★

★ Improved the suggestion of Wi-Fi nearby ★

★ Fixed image download in Wi-Fi Manager screen ★

In addition, minor bugfixes.

Test it Test it Test it! 
Feedbacks and suggestions are welcome. ;)

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Hello testers!

Get ready, because wiMAN v124 is out just for you and it brings very BIG NEWS!

What's new:

★ Awesome animated tutorial! ★

★ More powerful Wi-Fi Manager completely redesigned. You'll get lots of new options and much more control on Wi-Fi! ★

In addition, some improvements and minor bugfixes.

Please, test your new Wi-Fi Manager as much as you can! Feedbacks and suggestions are welcome.

We're so excited! What about you?

Enjoy! ;)


Here we are!
wiMAN Gamification is out for everybody!

Keep using the App and keep earning points in order to climb your leaderboards!
Your feedbacks are welcome.

Stay tuned, 'cause other big updates are coming.. ;)

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Ciao volevo dirvi che anche con questa release dell'app appena scaricata da play store va ancora in crash se vado nella sezione 'il mio profilo'... vi dò più dettagli x risolvere il problema. 

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this is a gift for you: a sneak peak of the new WiFi Manager we are currently working on.

#workinprogress   #mockup  
Animated Photo

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Folks, BIG NEWS! 
As we promised, something big has come. A new, FUNNY beta is out!

Happy to introduce you wiMAN GAMIFICATION!

From now on, you will be rewarded for all you do with the app.  
How? Just find it out! ;)

Have fun!

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