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Student Create Maps And How To Use Them Tomorrow In Your Classroom!

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What's 17 days away?  It's the Missouri Summit featuring Google for Education!!!  Registration is closing soon...have you registered?

Check out...

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European History students created a map on This is of some of the major European explorers and the areas they explored.  When available, students were suppose to add diary entries that correlated with the areas they explored.

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Great meeting tonight of all the education and innovation organizations coming together to support student learning! Morenet, Education plus, Connected learning, Innovative technology education fund, Apple distinguished educators, Google Education Group, and TeachSTL.

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How to use Google "MyMaps" to help students create interactive/collaborative maps!  #GAFE

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Curious how the Google Educator Certification works, then check out my latest blog!  It talks about both Level 1 & Level 2 Certification Processes. #GAFE #GoogleEducator

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Last email is coming out, See all the details below:

Last Update before our event!

Not coming?  Let us know to get accurate food counts.
Friday Night Informal Gathering (Also called a “Tweet-up”)
No, you don’t have to be on twitter, but join us to get to know one another:

Urban Chestnut Grove Brewery and Bierhall  
4465 Manchester Ave
St. Louis, MO 63110

EdcampSTL Arrival time
Please arrive no later than 8:00am.
Parking details 
We’ve secured an attendant and there will be parking thanks to The Fabulous Fox!  See attached for the map of parking! Also this link here:

EdcampSTL Bus sponsored by the Chesterfield Day School
If walking to the event is tough for you, or if you’d like a special ride, the Chesterfield Day School has a bus we’ll be using for the event.  They may just come and pick you up and bring you to the venue, how cool!  See bus image attached! 

Menu for breakfast
Bagels from Einsteins Bros. Catering
Cream cheese from Einsteins Bros. Catering
Orange Juice
Starbucks Coffee

Menu for lunch
50 Pi Pepperoni Pizza’s set out family style
50 Pi Cheese Pizza’s set out family style
50 Pi Sausage Pizza’s set out family style
20 gluten free options (10 veggie, 5 superhero, 5 planet sub), 
30 veggie subs
100 superheros (Salami, Pepperoni, Spicy Capicola, Provolone, Red Onions, Lettuce, Banana Peppers, Oregano, Oil & Vinegar)
100 planet subs (Premium Roast Beef, Oven Roasted Turkey, Smoked Ham, Bacon, Swiss, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Dijon, Mayonnaise
Bottled Water
Download the app
Get it today!!!!  Seriously, download it! Click here:

Prizes - Stick around until the end and you could win:
TechSmith SnagIt / Camtasia
(Presenters) NoTosh book (10)
IPEVO Interactive Whiteboard system
IPEVO USB Document Camera
IPEVO USB HD Document Camera
$30 Dewey's Gift certificates
2 tickets Cardinals
2 autographed Dan Pink books
Autographed Rams football pack
Buncee Pack
Gooru pack
weird teacher book
Splashtop Mirroring360 (5)
Third Teacher book (2)
Kim Campbell book
Berckemeyer book (2)
Belkin Tablet Projector Stand
Planet Sub gift cards
Missing something?  Follow us below:
Google plus: 

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Check out the latest update and email that was just sent out

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UPDATE: Check your SPAM folder:

Why Grand Center Arts Academy?
The Grand Center Arts Academy is a beautiful urban education setting sure to inspire the creative genius in you.  EdcampSTL is focused on our theme this year of "UNLOCKING CREATIVE GENIUS",  We UNLOCK by sharing. We're CREATIVE by nature as innovative educators. We are GENIUSES with expertise in a diversity of areas.  EdcampSTL honors and celebrates the excellence in all of us and provides each of us a platform to inspire.

APP time starts MONDAY!
Grand Center is a beautiful space with many floors and levels.  To make your life easier, we'll have an app to bring you all the details while you are on the go unlocking your creative genius.  Download the app starting Monday:

Fun Before Learning
Don't miss the Tweet Up!  Join us for an informal networking and social gathering on Friday, February 6 starting at 7 pm.  

Where:  Urban Chestnut Brewing Company  4465 Manchester Ave., St. Louis, MO  63110

Bring your friends and family to relax for some great conversation, networking and tons of great specials!

Have a question? An idea for a great session?  

Start UNLOCKING now...
Get the most out of your 2015 EdcampSTL experience and join the Padlet now: 
New to Edcamp?
For many of you, this is your first Edcamp experience. We are excited to have you attending, and we believe that it will transform your professional learning forever. Below are some great videos that will give you more insight on how this day of learning happens.
Video options: 
Why you should attend:  
Edcamstl 2011: 

Sneak the schedule for Saturday Feb. 7:
8 - 8:30 SUN THEATRE Opening Keynote
8:30 - 9:00 CAFETERIA/LOBBY Breakfast, sign up on Session boards
9 - 10 CLASSROOMS Session 1
10:10 - 11:10 CLASSROOMS Session 2
11:20 - 11:50 SUN THEATRE/CAFETERIA Kendeo Workshop 1, LUNCH 1
12 - 12:30 SUN THEATRE/CAFETERIA Kendeo Workshop 2, LUNCH 2
12:40 - 1:40 CLASSROOMS Session 3
1:50 - 2:50 CLASSROOMS Session 4
3 - 3:30 SUN THEATRE Prizes/Giveaways/Evals

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Next email coming out details below!  Check that SPAM folder

What will we learn at EdcampSTL?
We have no idea!  It could be anything that’s in your brain and want to learn more about!  We’ve even started brain storming here:

20 classrooms, 80 topics, what could you share? Think, invite, share your GENIUS, UNLOCK, collaborate, CREATE

Standing on the shoulder of giants!
We may be the biggest at 662 registered, but we couldn’t have done it without the other edcamp events in our region!  Special thanks to Kansas City #edcampKC, Southern Illinois #edcampSIL, Springfield MO#edcampSGF, and Jefferson City #edcampJC.

Menu for day 
Thanks to Pi Pizza and the Pi Pizza Food truck!  They will be on hand making the pizzas and we will be bringing them in hot and fresh just for you!

Don’t like Pizza?  We’ve arranged for 250 subs from Planet Sub to be available. (We even thought of gluten free options!)

Other food options:
Bottled water

Don’t be afraid to bring something from home if you have any special dietary restrictions.  We won’t be offended!

Get to know who you’ll be learning with!
Join us Friday night 2/6/15 at Urban Chestnut.  It’s called a “Tweet-up” but you don’t have to be on twitter.  It’s just a time for everyone attending edcampSTL to get together.  Bring cash for special discounts and specials.  There will be games and prizes so you don’t want to miss out!

Be there: 7pm
4465 Manchester Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63110

Download the app
Wifi may be an issue is spaces, so download the app today to guarantee you get all the updates! Click Here:

Search: Google Play or App Store for Guidebook, then in Guidebook search for edcampSTL 2015

Not coming?  Let us know to get accurate food counts.

NEW to EDCAMP: 406 of our 662 registered are BRAND NEW to an edcamp!!!!
For many of you, this is your first edcamp experience. We are excited to have you attending, and we believe that it will transform your professional learning forever. Below are some great videos that will give you an insight to how this day of learning happens.

Video options: 
Why you should attend: 
Edcamstl 2011:
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