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.have fun
.no bullyibg

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Name: Lydia Larsson
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Likes: adventures and anything that is not annoying
Dislikes: Stan, Giddeon, and Bill

*He floated around the Mystery Shack, watching for any electronic to become close enough to possess *

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picks up this dog brings it inside dipper look!

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Alex stands next do dipper as he opens a letter okie

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[name Alexandra
[Gender] F
[Crush] no one yet
{Likes} Friends animals strawberry icecream and chocolate
[Hates] her brother, animal abuse and bill
[siblings] Robbie
[age] 10


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Height: 6'5
Weight: 189
Age: 26
Gender: male
strength: Unknown
Mental problems: none
Injuries: three stitched gashes over the right eye
Tattoos: Scorpion tails wrapping and spiraling around right arm
Weapon: a pure black scythe with a blackened velvet ribbon wrapped at the back of the shaft
Power: being able to morph into a wisp and travel around freely, precision and strategy is highly dangerous

Zodiac sign: Scorpio ♏

Sexuality: Asexual (He feels no attraction to anyone)

Effects: If he is reaching a point of extreme pressure his eyes will engulf in a extremely dark blue wisp

eye color: Dark jade in left eye and a darkened velvet in the other

Hair color: Pitch black

Gender: male

Status: Single

Identity: Grim Reaper

Quote: " Death is there to represent fear"

Likes: Being alone , having a silent area to calm down. , reading , writing in journal, playing with blades of certain types

Dislikes: being annoyed , having silent area invaded, being brought into things that shouldn't involve anyone else , being found writing in journal, having blades taken away

personality: serious , intimidating , silent , negative , focused , violent , passionate , protective, solemn , intermediate , passive aggressive
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Rp) in the forrest withno flashlight trying to get out but looking for book 3

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Name dipper
Age 10
Gen m
Likes dorito

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💀Name = "Yuki Cross"
💀Age = "13"
💀Gender = female but can turn into a male"
💀Likes = "pockyes - waking around in woods - likes to read - be alone and loves the night - etc
💀Dislikes = "old people - sassy people - bullies - people call her a werido mean names - etc
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