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For those of you with Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo, Asus and even some Samsung devices that have issues with Prefixer only working occasionally or even not at all - please read below!

Some devices (like those mentioned above) have additional mechanisms built in on top of vanilla Android for battery management, permission/restriction models etc. which unfortunately makes some 3rd party apps not working as they should. Usually these apps are also by default classified as "not allowed" to do what they are supposed to do.

As I don't have any of these devices to test myself - could you please check if enabling/activating Prefixer in your device settings as below makes any difference?

(Please note that your specific device/model might have similar functionality that is not covered in the list below. Please just add a comment if you know about similar solutions!)



Huawei (EMUI 5)
Phone Manager > Lock screen cleanup
Phone Settings > Battery > Lock screen cleanup
>>Set App to "Don't close" (unchecked)

Huawei (EMUI <5)
Phone settings > (Advanced Settings >) Battery Manager > Protected Apps
Settings > Privacy and security > Protected apps

Xiaomi (MIUI)
Settings > Additional Settings > Battery & Performance > Manage Apps Battery Usage > Prefixer
Set to "no restrictions"

Asus Mobile Manager > Auto-start Manager

Phone Manager > Privacy Permissions > Startup Manager

Samsung (Android 7.0+)
Phone settings > Device maintenance > Battery > Unmonitored apps list


I have a Galaxy S10 running Andriod 9 and Prefixer 2.1 and if I set to use either Sim slot or Operator in the rules it does not seem to activate the rule. I am happy to help with any diagnostics.

I think I now understand, prefixer only fixes the call log so you can call the correct number back, \+.* and \+ fixed my call logs but for the calls to stop coming in as (example) +55 9790 8306 I got to buy a cricket phone or a AT&T phone since cricket uses AT&T towers im currently using a cricket sim on a Sprint Galaxy S9+ & that's the problem... its sprint

Google+ is shutting down April 2nd. Where can we get help after that time?

hi there, I have a problem! My phone just updated and all my rules are just thrown away by my phone. I can't call my contacts with a visible number. Could anybody help me by getting the rule that I call my contacts with a visible number and my not contacts with a hidden number? The numbers I call are Dutch Numbers.

I guess due to my Android Wear watch the bluetooth exception is not working. It overrules my rules when I'm normally dialing. Is it possible in a future version to select specific bluetooth devices in a rule or in the settings?

Thank you for a great app!

Hi, I just installed the 2.2 version on a Samsung Galaxy S9+ dual sim with android 9.0. it works only if the Network operator and/or the sim conditions are on "any". If I put any of these two in any other possible combination, it does't work.
Wonderful app.

ho comperato un huawei p20 lite e ho istallato prefixer e non funziona
lo ho configurato come era sul vecchio telefono na funziona a fase alterne
premeto che ho pagato anche 1.7 euro

Ho un Huawei p 20 e non riesco a far funzionare la tegola
Come posso fare?

My issue is
add prefix *777 outgoing call by SIM2

Cloud you capture true configuration for me please?

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