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Speaking of good scoreboards - check out: (JT's Blocks) - keeps an average score, # of games etc - good for those of us who don't have top-of-board aspirations.  Winning isn't everything! ;)

Score board is gone?
Please don't remove it! it is my main motivation to get to the top of the board.

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So, a few questions:  All things being equal, does it make a difference:
building horizontal/vertical vs diagonal; building along the edge of the board vs. toward the middle.  Also, when you have 3 (red, eg) in a row, + 1 more red elsewhere on the board and you see a red in the 'on-deck circle' - add the 4th red on that move or wait til the 5th red is placed on the board? Any thoughts appreciated!

thanks for the tips, zee!

zee's linez tip #1

Whenever you can form a line, do it immediately. Don't try to create very long lines to earn a few extra points — the potential cost of getting blocked is too high to be worth it.

zee's linez tip #3

Prioritize clearing the lines close to the center. This is a corollary of tip #2.

zee's linez tip #2

Try to disperse undesirable tiles toward the edges where they have less damaging effects.

zee's linez tip #4

Pay close attention to the colors of the next three tiles to be added to the board. If the color you're waiting for doesn't show up yet, focus on building lines of other colors.

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