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(Here is a concept for a character you don't have to use this template if you get stuck you can seek this tab for help)

Name: Keyan and Keya

Nickname(Optional): Akeyan

Gender: Day (Keya)Female / Night (Keyan) male

Species: Equinox Dragon

Realm: Eternal chaos/ purity realm a shifter between worlds

Origin(Optional): Our parents were from different realms Chaos and Purity there was a war but there was one soldier from the Chaos realm that saw a downed soldier and didn't have it in him to murder an innocent soldier he snuck her back to the base and healed her but they were discovered they turned to be refugees they fell in love and had us but they were found one cold night they were brought to an unjustified execution and they hid us we grew with each other.

Abilities: Can merge and separate at will, with the power to shift between realms in an instant our lives were spent together literally. Flight energy beams or interdimensional vortexes that suck and implode foes. Dark Fire/Light Energy

Personality: Protective and Friendly / Caring and Kind

Weakness(Mandatory): Within the space of where we merge our souls are joined at a single place the orb our hearts merge into and create the orb if you were to attack it as we are merging we will fall back and be split into two again weaker than ever
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