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Quote: "Even with the smallest amout of light darkness can be defeated"

Name: Rose SilverMoon
Alias: Lilith
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Species: Human/Vampire
Sexuality: Straight

Class: Princess (Hidden Bloodline)

Loves: Sweet red whine, Music, Practicing on her own, Books and sushi.
Hates: Bloodlust, Perverts, Jerks & Assholes


Crystal Rain: This attack can cause the opponent to freeze and/or get injured badly.

Heal: To help oneself or an ally/Enemy.

Blue fire: This attack will stun the opponent but burn them at the same time with a huge amount of pain.

Nightmare Illusion: This attack allows Rose to make dark images in the mind of the opponent and make them see the blood and pain of their worst nightmare.

Poision fang: Allows Rose to bite into the skin and place poison within the body making it flow through but for her regular fang just to suck blood.

Dead Eyes: To let Rose stop the enemies attack and calculate the movements as they are slo enough for her to read them as she makes her next move.

Fury: When Rose reaches her limits thats when she becomes faster and stronger and makes her bite more powerful along with her attacks and defense

Mirror: A reflector she uses. As she makes her sphere it reflects projectiles and bullets from herself.

Weapon(s): A silver Magnum given to her by an old friend. A rod she had kept or was given to by her family.

Symbol: Heart with stakes stabbing through the heart with wings.

Personality: Kind, Stubborn, Hard headed, Smart, Short temper, risky, brave, independent.

Bio: Rose was the daughter of a vampire king and a human queen they had been holding a secret that has sealed away their enemy from attacking their home and city. The seal had been by her mother's heart to protect her child meaning she sacrificed herself for their daughter as the king waa regretfully completing the ceremony of sealing a bloody sacrifice since Rose's mom had a special blood in her that can seal and make powerful Rose had developed tht blood making her the target. Later when she turned 5 a war had begun between the enemies of the werewolves and the evil vampires they were wanting the blood that Rose had inherited. It was a bloody battle field leaving only the screams and torment to the soldiers roar. Rose is now avenging her family's deaths by hunting them down.

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I realize this post isn't a roleplay but I have a question: Am I allowed to rp with characters from the Valve universe, like my OC scout?

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Leonna cleans the tables after a hard day of work ....Ahhh...The Y/N master came in
Leonna come here.. Leonna oh comeing master
Leonna follows the head masters to his office then you

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Name: Leonna Wolf

Nickname: Leo

Age: 16

Personality: Curious, Cheerful,Loyal

Likes: Meat ,her pet

Species: Shewolf

Sexuilty: Straight

Dislikes: People who pull her tail (︶︿︶)

Pet: Wolf pup Galaxy

Job: Maid café

Bio: She's a young girl with a wolf pup that works to support herself,to pay her bills...Just lives in amparments by her self with wolf :/
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Please everyone share the community to help it grow

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Would anyone like to do with me as the elf, if so I will post just tell me okay
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I'm just redoing my profile
Name:Faren Loch
Height: 6' 7"
Loves fighting and fun but mostly fighting
A bit cocky but kind(Tho he tries to hide it)


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Aw come on we've been here already let's just go ugh you- laughs come on slow poke we have to keep looking for a good place for our camp out I sigh and point to a place there? You- alright that's a good spot we settled for the place I picked out and WE looked up to the sky seeing all the stars I'm going to be up there soon fighting in the war helping this place survive I laugh then you laugh I takcked you down where are noses touched

I blushed and got off you should come with me right by my side then we can come back and not live in horror of this world being taken over by the aliens you- are you crazy?! That's suicidal! alright suit your self I punched for arm and smiled as we stayed there at that place for the night


we gone distant but we were still friends once we were chosen to fight in the war we trained the hardest we did from the start we always followed the rules and never got a bad score on anything as for our skills I had great performance in sniper rifles, sneak attacks,assault rifles, stealth, grenades and many more objectives your skills were based on close up fights and not a very good sneaker but a great hand to hand combat which surprised me as the two first and greatest soldiers on the squad and base they kept us together to fight by each other

we had only a few improvements into us they/ commander put cybernetic reflex increaser into me and a stealth increaser into you and a bionic power implant into me and a invisibility cloak implant into you after that our body was like that forever with those implants one our couple battles weren't so bad you killed over 85 aliens that day I only killed over 89 since I was sniper I didn't keep track on how many kills I've gotten from battles then we gotten a improvement on our armor

you armor improvement was a flexible suit since you gotten into a lot of battles head on and taking them on with fist only I gotten a sick and badass armor and suit that a sign of assassin it was made out of carbon fiber lighter and stronger than other armor on the 38th day into battle shit was getting real they had a hybrid with monster and alien it was humongous and had a energy sword I eventually gotten one of those swords you gotten a alien blaster rifle which shot multiple bullets and did the most damage of any weapon

the 39th day was dooms day all our troops were dying on the battle field even us we were getting tired of the battle almost all our troops dying a rocket shot from a missile launcher was heading straight towards you I ran and tackled in down hey becareful next time the rest of the troops died as I talked to you this battle was lost but not for me I covered you up with dirt and leaves stay safe alright I turn on my energy sword and I standed right in the middle heading straight into the aliens weapons breaking and slicing everything in my way and I punched the hybrid of monster and alien into the rock wall of the canyon and I took on more as I faded my strength decreased I kneel to ground of exhaustion the commander of the aliens walked to me and stabbed me with the hybrids energy sword and I dropped to ground slowly dying but our air strikes came in and bombed there army killing them but the hybrid and commander survived and ran away my body was gone no sign of it anywhere a medic team came to you and asked if questions while treating your wounds medic- where's Agent shadows? Your friend your comrade? you reply....

//first is me//
//the second is you//
//private post yes//
//hangouts yes//
//text talk yes//
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I was new to the free lancer squad the most dangerous squad more than red and blue combined which was pretty sick you were Carolina that's your name the others on the team where agent Texas a girl,agent Washington a boy, agent ct who was a girl,north Dakota boy,south Dakota a girl,agent main no one knows what gender it is, York a guy and Wyoming is a guy

it only been you and the others until one day a human shaped holder was shipped in and was sent straight to the laboratory with the commander director he had been there ever since the holder came here everyone's curiosity grew making them want to see what was happening

after a few days the director came out looking tired but very happy what he was doing in the laboratory director- agents I have a new recruit with us today his name is agent shadow he's new so he gets a different name he is very aggressive so don't tick him off I walk in I was different I had black armor I had no other attachments on my armor and my visor was red

york,north,and Washington had kept high security on me watching my moves and making sure I did no wrong but everyone had ticked me off trying to talk to me was in possible getting close was the worst idea of all time

one day you had gone with a mission with north and south they were brother and sister which was great once almost to the end of the mission the gaurds had suited up and was ready to kill you and north and south but agent Washington came and held thts where you and the others fought side by side I was there secretly and I was planting a bomb near the explosives once you left in the carrier jet I hooked on once we were far enough I blew up the place

after coming back from a successful mission a fight broke out with 3 vs 1 I was that one I was up against Wyoming, York and main I was kicking there asses I kicked York right into the wall and I shoot antifreeze making his armor freeze up an main threw a gernade at me I dodged it and it blew up next to york while Wyoming came and shot at me I jumped up and I grabbed a gun and shot his feet and I went down and I sucker punched main into the wall but york weakly stabbed my back and I feel to the ground

Washington- shit! calls in medics ct- runs in and trys to talk to York tex- goes to me cuses/swears at me north- what the hell happend? South- yeah what did happend? *the director comes in and is angry as fuck ad yells agents! Line up! Washington,TeX,south,north and they look at you kind of saying line up you reply with this action by....

//first picture is agent shadows which is me//
//second is agent Carolina which is you//
//third is agent Washington//
//fourth is agent Texas//
//fifth is agent Wyoming//
//sixth is agent south Dakota//
//seventh is agent north Dakota//
//eighth is agent Maine//
//ninth is agent York//
//tenth is agent Connecticut/ ct//
//pps yes//
//no text talk//
//hangouts yes//
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I was your boy friend I really wanted to marry you but since a war was going on any body or any one above 17+ had to go to war there was red vs blue it was non stop war

     we both want to the same truck and same district but after choosing the people we holded hands as we were separated you went to the red team and trained for the comings and what to do in the situations while I went missing from that day

   after a few days in the war the blue and and red team had gotten new recruits you were one of them once you got there there was blood and dead bodies there and battle stations everywhere

                  4 MONTHS LATER
        after months went by your base was slolwy dieing out but y'all held strong and the blue were losing badly but they ordered a mercenary the people who fight with the people who had the most money which the blue team had

        after a few hours a man came in the battle field while rest time he stood there and looked around then went to the blue team

you and yyr best friend were chosen to go on a secret mission she had a a.I in her which was a helper that would have a special power she had killed her brother on accident your best freind- I shot my brother it was sad to see him die but I had too bombs exploded around y'all something ran around y'all but it was invisible your friend made you go down your freind- where are you you cock suvking bastard

the mercenary appeared right in front of yall I have orders to take you out bitch the voice sounded familiar it was my voice the A.I it gone crazy my commander calls in south blood gutlch this is superior number one do you have south Carolina I reply yes I do what do I do here I shot her foot and then her legs she screams blood gultch you have to get her A.I do what ever you have to do I nod affirmative your friend- what are you going to do sho- I shot her right in the head and took her A.I yeah bitch I fucking shot you I get up and look at you I know I'm cold you reply

//first picture is me//
//second picture is you//
//pps yes//
//hangouts no//
//no text talk//
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