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Unfortunately with this week's Google Hangouts integration, the APIs Voice++ used to send messages have been taken offline.  As such, we've removed Voice++ from the market.  We're looking into providing similar quick reply functionality in hangouts, but currently have no ETA on a possible new app.

Thanks to everyone who downloaded the app, gave feedback, or just used it over the past year!  Got a few more projects currently in progress, so this surely isn't an end, just a new direction!

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Why +Moco Live  #BulkSMS is useful ?

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Is this still under active development? I really hope it is and that my following requests/suggestions aren't spoken to an empty room.

1) Have the input box start with a capital letter. This is small I know but I like to properly punctuate my texts and it is slightly annoying having to hit shift when most apps automatically have the first letter capitalized.
2) Have an option to wake the device screen to show the pop-up similar to the native texting app.

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Ok I got a question how do I keep my Google voice messages from also appearing in my email

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Silly beans are silly.

Hmm interesting, I came across this community by random chance and I'm intrigued. While I won't be able to try this on my iPhone, perhaps it will be interesting to try on my Nexus 7 later. :)

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Can you add an option so the pop-up doesn't show up automatically?
I'd like it to show up as a StatusBar Notification so I can launch the Pop-up when I'm ready to reply instead of it just appearing on-screen when the Notification arrives.

That would also help with compatibility with other Apps such as:
-Floating Notifications

Device - Nexus 4
OS - stock/unrooted
Android - 4.3
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