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If anybody doesn't know I'm done at dollar general so just so everyone knows! I couple reasons why? 1 I wasn't doing the job up to the store managers expectations sorry I'm an older guy ohwell I'm not that fast, she made out the schedule and she needed to get someone trained to replace me so she took my hours that I had for Thursday and Friday and she tried to pawn me off on Kaukauna for 3 days so she could get this person trained with my hours that she cut from me and only me, and I knew about it and I wasn't to happy about it so I said how I felt ,and another of many reasons why I quit or whatever is the fact that when I was overly busy and I asked for help and I never got it I had a huge line so I'm yelling for help no one showed up and some of the customers were friends of mine that I totally respect with all of my heart and soul and that was humiliating to me to see them looking at me like what's going on here and I had no help once again. How can I do a good job if nobody's there to help me out uh?and this has happened more then once or twice and these people I respect some help run businesses so putting them in that spot makes me feel like I let them down and humiliation to me, I don't how that store is still in business they made some huge mistakes at that store and no one gives a rat's ass! So now neither do i! I couldn't take the embarrassment the humiliation I was feeling any longer, so I had had it so hopefully I can find something on that order but have reliable people standing by and keeping an eye on things like they should have been. I had a few issues with employees and the store management but they looked the other way so now I did just that too,I'm done being immuliated for months this has been going on and I couldn't take it no more

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Hello from my layer I'm picturing out more skulls on a regular basis and these are unique skulls
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skulls galore add more if u wish too on skullmasters layer
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