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Made this myself using #pixlr!

When your world is broken beyond repair
They will fix it
When you are so sad you will never care
They will make you smile
When you're stuck in a despair as dark as night
They will find the hope
When it is pitch black with no warmth or light
They will light a match
They might be a friend, or a parent, or a sibling, or a relative, or a girlfriend or boyfriend, or wife, but everyone should have a 'They'. For that is simply your light in all dark times.

Writing Prompt!: The United States of America became a giant superpower. They conquered all of North America. But then all of the other countries team up against them in a huge war. The U.S loses and it's residents are scattered across the other contries so no one can reunite their broken empire. You were seperated from your family. Relatives were killed. You yourself were severely wounded in the leg. You lust for revenge.
Made this myself! Hope you like it!

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I can't believe these feelings have names!!
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23 emotions people feel but can't explain
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185732. It’s just a string of numbers. It was just a joke. Maybe five year old me was trying prove time travel. It was a password to my future self. I had written it in my secret notebook that I would never show anyone. I knew I would always remember the password. I forgot it in a year.

So why did someone email me with 185732 in the subject line? I'm so confused. I'm scared. What do I do?

I click on the email and read it. There is nothing there but an address: 2483 Crest Dr. I know where that is. A still nice, recently abandoned house stands there.

I grab my secret notebook, get on my bike, and start riding towards the address. When I get there I see a man, who is certainly not me, standing outside the house. He seems so familiar but I can't put my finger on it. At that moment I get a text from my best friend, Ryan. Ryan and I were very close. We had promised each other we would be together forever. That is when I realized who the man was. He was Ryan's future self.

I get off ay bike and walk towards him. He notices me and smiles. “Hello,” he says. We talk and he tells me everything he knows. He tells me that in his world I have recently died, killed by my own creation but he also warned me not to try and stop my death. He tells my that future me showed him my notebook and that is how he knew the password. He tells me everything I need to know.

Years later I go on to invent time travel. I get killed by an experimental portal. Everything Ryan had told me was true. And I don't regret anything, even though it gets me killed.

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There this line I wrote that I really like:
The sky's not the limit
There's footprints on the Moon

Do you like it?

What do you think?

The wounded warrior sat at the top of a mountain near the battlefield. His sister was fighting alongside his lover who was leading the fight against the beast. He rested his back on a rock and watch everything fall apart as he slowly bled to death.
To win this battle the army must collect ten shards of darkness that the spirits must piece together. The shards would weaken any who touched it as defense. The wounded man watched as they brought the ninth shard to the table where the rest laid.
The man wanted to die then in peace but fate would not have it so. Something fell beside him. It looked like a black piece of glass about the size of him palm. He knew once he touched it the shard of darkness would be bound to him and he alone could bring it to the table but he also knew no one else could bring it for they could not find it. If the wound didn't kill him the shard definitely would. He picked up the piece of darkness and was instantly in extreme pain but slowly he went down the steep slope.
A third of the way down he tripped and toppled a few feet. Unable to get back up he yelled for help. No one seemed to hear yet he felt as if someone was helping him up. With a new blast of energy he continued to stumble down the mountain.
Near the bottom a familiar face finally noticed him. His sister ran over and helped him push forward. Together they walked until they neared the battle.
His sister called to the general. Noticing her lover with the final piece in his hand the young general ran over. The three continued on. The army was distracting the beast so they could get to the table without being noticed. The man felt so weak. He didn't think he would make it but he had to try. He pushed forward with his sister and lover by his side. He set the piece on the table and collapsed.
He woke up in a hospital, not in a bed but standing looking at someone else. He was surrounded by people he at most vaguely recognized. He stared at the man in the bed, himself. The people around him were ghosts but his sister and lover were at the side of his bed. Like he had thought it would the darkness had killed him. He had died a hero; he felt at peace.
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