jake: well, here we are! we should set up camp just in case!
Reeyu: re! re!

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Name: Rosa kinsi
Age: 13
Pokelon: Quartzeon
Likes: pretty much everything
Dislikes: rude people,evil
Crush: nobody right now
Secrets: can run faster than the flash without getting tired
Backstory: ((i can't think of one right now so ill edit this later and put one :-P ))

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Name: icylan
Gender: female
Species: Quartzoen
Type: ice,electric when shiny ((because why not))
Moves: ((im making a new one and im using ones that already exist)) gem shard,hyper voice,discharge,thunderbolt,blizzard,Avalanche,frost breath,hail,ice ball,ice beam,ice burn,ice fang,ice punch,ice shard((gem shard is better)),icicle crash,icicle spear,icy wind

((I didn't make this picture))

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Name: Jake Ryunokizuna ( soon you will know what that last name means!
Age: 15
Pokelon: Reeyu ( water type )
Likes: pretty much anything i guess
Dislikes: ruuudddeeeee peeeople
Crush: meh
Secrets: well, time to spill the last name out! The last name actually means the bond between humans and dragons in japanese, little does jake know, he will have to handle the god pokelon... ryugon... 
Backstory: pretty much lived a normal life, played with pokelon, the basicis. grew up in a quiet, friendly city

(( photo of Reeyu will come! ))

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Name : Darkness
Type : Dark
Gender : Female
Species : Umbreon,moonlight pokemon
Moves : Shadow Ball,bite,secret power,taunt,and snatch
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Rosa: I can't believe this!!! Its already time to go on our adventure icylan!!!

Icylan: Quartzeon!! hops on rosa's shoulder

Rosa: LETS GO!!! walks out and runs to the city to get things :-P

Jake: accedently bumps into rosa oh! hehe.. sorry scratches back of the head and smiles

Jake: Oh boy Reeyu! I cant believe today we are going to have our adventure! i cant wait to get all the gym badges!
Reeyu: Rye! Rye!

(( open rp ))

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name: reeyu
Type: Water, Dragon
Moves: Water shot, Water volt

( walks around cautiosly )
(( Open ))
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