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Fleksy 8.3.1 is out! But you guys already know this :)
Here's what's new:

Changelog Fleksy 8.3.1

★ By popular demand, introducing the Predictions extension! Don't like Gifs and Stickers but still enjoy saving time? This one is for you

★ Keep it lean and FAST: We have removed a number of libraries and background activities to streamline Fleksy. As a result, we have, temporarily, removed Fleksy Cloud

★ In the spirit of streamlining, we also removed billing libraries. Meaning, all of our themes are now free :D

★ GIF sharing now properly pastes images instead of links

Hello. Please. Install. Persian. Language. 

Hey im a highschool student taking japanese and i had the option to choose the japanese keyboard on my old phone but now that i have a new phone the option is gone. What happend? 

Using an Alcatel for work and need to have Fleksy on it, otherwise I'll go insane. I use it on two other phones. On the Alcatel, however, it works, but only after I open up the app to reenable the keyboard input. It crashes often (without message prompt) and I have to re enable after every restart. Alcatel A570BL running 5.1.1

Is there anyway to make Fleksy a lighter program? It really slows down my phone. I love the keyboard, but I'm sure there are quite a few features that I could go without.

Hi first thank you for the nice keyboard. please can u fix one problem the dictionary of the Arabic language. It's complicated and not correct can u make it just like Samsung can chose the language to be corrected. thanks 

How do I turn on swype texting? 

I would love that they can include the new emojis on the keyboard like ☹️🤣🤠🤡🤥 this one. Currently that is the only thing that I find annoying.

Turkce dil inmiyor👊! '!!!! '!!! 

Need to put numbers with main letters like Samsung keyboard, otherwise I am going to remove this application.
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