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Fleksy 8.3.1 is out! But you guys already know this :)
Here's what's new:

Changelog Fleksy 8.3.1

★ By popular demand, introducing the Predictions extension! Don't like Gifs and Stickers but still enjoy saving time? This one is for you

★ Keep it lean and FAST: We have removed a number of libraries and background activities to streamline Fleksy. As a result, we have, temporarily, removed Fleksy Cloud

★ In the spirit of streamlining, we also removed billing libraries. Meaning, all of our themes are now free :D

★ GIF sharing now properly pastes images instead of links

Pls add Turkish predictions 

Plz add slide and type feature and also add a calculator on your keyboard by which I can use by lowest left number button and also add math symbols in your keyboard. 

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I hope everyone knows that Fleksy has been discontinued for over a year now after they got bought by Pinterest. You can still download it and everything, but don't expect any updates or support. I don't know why they had to stop supporting it, it was my favorite keyboard app, but it is what it is.

NOTE: I am not nor have I ever been a Fleksy employee. Just a person who once enjoyed their product.

There are some features that no other keyboard app has:

Holding down shift and then typing for the letters to capitalize temporarily

Holding down the numbers key for the same effect

Shift key on the other side too

Holding down shift key while moving the cursor to select, this feature some other apps might have already 

What am I doing wrong? When I want to reply to a text with a gif, it doesn't just send.. It prompts me to choose recipients. 

Na htc russkiy yazik ne vstaet

Auto learning doesn't work at all!! Please add Sinhala language! 

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Hey! It's a new Mention Monday video! Guess who we're mentioning? Go ahead .... guess ..... we'll wait .....

Okay, time's up. It's none other than our very own Shavon Robinson! We are 1000% positive that we will see her Oprah Winfrey.

We hope you enjoy. If so please hit the "like" and "subscribe" button. And, as always, be blessed. 

Well, I don't really like to communicate here, but:
* your website have a broken feedback page
* which is the same as the contact page
* as well as support page

Okay. Next.
Your language files (at least Hungarian, but I guess possibly others) missing the first names, which is funny and annoying at once.

Your tutorial seems miss to mention how to enter comma. Possibly I could find by searching, but that kind of defeats the purpose. :-)

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