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Hello Betas, we'd love your recommendations.

We want to improve the way new users learn how to use Fleksy. What do you think we should teach them first?

why does it autocorrect me when I type individual letters.
Like when I write u it autocorrects to I and when I write t it becomes a r

When I upgraded I lost everything and can not restore. I have used this keyboard for years now it is like I had to start all over

Is there any way to sync my dictionary? I just got a new Pixel 2 and I do not like the idea of teaching it everything all over again.

Also, I'm not able to restore purchases to use the theme I was previously using.

Thank you!

I don't know if I'm the only person who has this problem but before development halted for Fleksy I bought all the paid themes for the keyboard and I was excited to hear development started up again so I redownloaded the app and tried to restore my purchases but it only restored three purchases. If anyone can help I know it isn't a huge deal but I would prefer not to buy them all again if i don't have to lol I would appreciate it.

Please add predictions for next words in the prediction bar before I start typing the next word.

Please add more languages.

In my case and to prevent me from switching to a different keyboard every now and again, "Afrikaans" (South Africa) would come in very,very handy.


soooo i why i dont have any keyboard themes? i had all of them and now i have nothing... as a beta tester, i wqs able to get all free...

I want type in hindi .how is possible please help me

When are the diverse emojis getting added....?
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