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Fleksy 8.3.1 is out! But you guys already know this :)
Here's what's new:

Changelog Fleksy 8.3.1

★ By popular demand, introducing the Predictions extension! Don't like Gifs and Stickers but still enjoy saving time? This one is for you

★ Keep it lean and FAST: We have removed a number of libraries and background activities to streamline Fleksy. As a result, we have, temporarily, removed Fleksy Cloud

★ In the spirit of streamlining, we also removed billing libraries. Meaning, all of our themes are now free :D

★ GIF sharing now properly pastes images instead of links

Please get Serbian Cyrillic keyboard in. Thank you!

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How do i find the copy and paste note or letter in this keyboard, anyone please 

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I kinda have an issue for this.. Is there a fix? 

Hi everyone. This is my first time. I'm wondering how I can create borders around my keys?

Many thanks!


Hi Fleksy pls add pesrian language pls pls:(

Am I missing something or can you not send a GIF on a group text? I have tried numerous times with no luck

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Cannot get Fleksy to show upon my sms default list to choose as my default.. Any suggestions? Android.. Thanks
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