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Fleksy 8.3.1 is out! But you guys already know this :)
Here's what's new:

Changelog Fleksy 8.3.1

★ By popular demand, introducing the Predictions extension! Don't like Gifs and Stickers but still enjoy saving time? This one is for you

★ Keep it lean and FAST: We have removed a number of libraries and background activities to streamline Fleksy. As a result, we have, temporarily, removed Fleksy Cloud

★ In the spirit of streamlining, we also removed billing libraries. Meaning, all of our themes are now free :D

★ GIF sharing now properly pastes images instead of links

Is it just me or does the keyboard suck ass sometimes? I mean wtf.... Sonetimes i have to type Y then O jyst to type th U. -------- i know im pishing in the right kets but these arr the letters that are pridices. im constantly having to back space/delete to correct the spelling. Has/is any one else experiencing this? Or is it my spelling and my phone that suck ass? 

Woukd flesky be into adding a doodle extention to send to others? 

Hey. Um, I have no idea how many users use the Invisible Keyboard, but I extensively use it and am quite comfortable in using it. However while using the invisible keyboard it's hard for me to send messages on WhatsApp and other apps as the keyboard overlays the send button. Any workarounds? Could a change be made so it's easier to send messages without closing the invisible keyboard? 

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Love this keyboard a ton! Are there any plans to add Japanese to the list of languages? Thanks! 

To see my pussy and Honey in it 💋 Enter to see my profile 💋 I am very hot and i want strong man

I can't sync and save my Fleksy data to my Google drive. 

Me he Descargado la Aplicación y al Descargame el idioma De Español me dice error en la Descarga y Comprobar el Internet y va bien
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