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Stand-Up Comedy At Sprain Brook Manor Rehab!video/cmf5
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Time for indoor tennis. Yeah!

The winter is coming, the winter is coming! Are you prepared for what your winter outdoors workouts will look like? Or are you just gonna bunker down in the house and shipwreck all of the spring/summer/fall momentum.

TIP: Keep warm in the cold. Stretch in the warmth of your home before bringing "cold" muscles into an even colder environment and avoid spending 1-3 miles trying to warm up, breaking a sweat, tricking your body into breaking into full stride, all the while pushing still tense muscles to do loosened muscles work. Prevent injury and enjoy!

A noteworthy gauge of whether or not you'll be successful in your exercise routine is whether or not you're consistent in your dieting. If not, then chances are, your exercise regimen is sure to have the same holes in it!

Ok, so many people are waiting to do all the things that they know they need to do to be fit according to a mixed bag of ideas from gym class in grammar school, all the magazines, commercial ads and television reports, etc. However, the successful person is the person who sets a reasonable and achievable amount of time and just gets the work done. They'll take the time to educate themselves on proper exercise techniques, and even set a schedule to possibly see an expert, but at the end of the day, their motivation is simple - Get it done!

Westchester County is one of the most enjoyable places to live if you like a good mix of the outdoors and "urbanish" activities.

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So, Westchester County, here's a great way to shake of your winter slumber, inactivity: start doing your own landscaping and gardening. Even if you have a landscaping contract, start it yourself this year, and then pass it on for upkeep. At least you would've got active and then you can move onto other things like tennis, golf, hiking, jogging, or some survival trips!
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