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Hi Guys,

I want to share with the community my DARK THEMED version of Hearts, last version 1.34.
I have released two dark versions, one with Orange color accent and one with Pink color accent.
The modded apk has the same code, only icons and colors changed.
Download Link :
See the post above and download version 2.0

Please you must uninstall original version before installing the modded version.

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Admin can manipulate The game like hell. And they do!

Under what circumstances warrants being banned?

Hi to the enthusiastic Heart players

I t is true...playing Heart is very interesting particularly when you aim for having the others get the 26 points.

No ping.....means your wi first is slow or out

Does anyone have a problem with gettting a "no ping" message and really slowing the game down. I have an IPad Pro.

Nice game

This game are so good👌

Anyone know why i can only use the speak button once per game? Other players use it all game long. Thanks
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