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is lost ??? Frisk: let go grap ur hand it pass two day u where missing asriel help me take her home noe sleep 20hour later is day time_ hmm wake up walk around trying to find sans s-sa-sans see him holding gift see him kiss toriel ear down . u see frisk too back up is behing a tree run off with out being notice run back to frisk home frisk: violet!! Wait tear go down leave me alone plz close room in bathroom fall is sad see knife . . grap knife cuts mark on arm. Face chest losing a lot of blood huf huf ... Heh I ... fall over start laughing crys eye go black red crying get my eye ball out throw them away bleh!!!!!! Frisk: uh scream omg puts bandage on her asriel!!! Come!!! Plz crying holding her i-im f-fine...bleeding

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Howdy Thanks For Invite
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puts paws over head crying start laughing manically hehhehahah holding knife +Little Friskies​ see he he eye black =) hoi holding knife full of blood loses mind is insane heheh ssssh u see papyrus head on the ground reset button is broken_ hhaha jump out window sans see run off no one shall stop me {=} +Asriel Dreemur​*u see* he he run toward toriel holding knife hehhe is totally insane

I'm am*hit wall* ow ;w;
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