I need a girl who can send nudes

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Teacher x Student

Name: Lola
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight

You were the most loved teacher in the whole school. I was a shy girl who was usually horny all the time. One day I started wearing revealing outfits and u noticed it. It was the end of class and I dropped my books, so I stayed behind. You told me to talk to in the teachers lounge at the end when I'm finished and I did. I was on the couch (just like the pic) and u...

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Anyone wanna do a hentai rp...I need a dominant male

Name: Kayla
Age 16
Gender: female
Species: Neko
Sexuality: straight

I was ur younger sister and never notice u had feelings for me. We were in the same school and class and u would always stare at me. One day our parents left for a months trip in Hawaii. We had the house to ourselves. I was in my room in my black bra and panties when u... ((Dominant male needed, send me a pp if u want to do this))

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It was raining all day like it had been all week, finely there was a break in the weather as I am driving home. While at a stoplight i see a box on the side of the road move. I pull over to investigate as I touch the water logged box it disintegrates. Exposing you soaking wet and muddy clothes and body to the elements even in your sorry semi conscious state you shiver uncontrollably with the change. I pick you up and put you in the passenger seat of my car, where you curl up tighter I get in and turn the heat on high after a few minutes you stop shivering. When we get to my house I pick you up you start to wake up as I walk inside when you. . .

Looking for a woman to play.
Choose to play as a neko(cat), kitsune(fox), or inu(dog).
2+ lines required.
PP or Hangouts?
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it all started with a boom in the sky and a ship appearing over new york city. I was at times square at the time and I watched as iron man, doctor strange, and the sentry flew towards the ship but a woman dragging the famous black bolt came out and forced him into speaking and releasing a shockwave so powerful there was nothing left of the three heroes. She appears on all televsions saying she was here to conquer and make the heroes of earth pay for betraying, exiling, and killing the hulk who happened to be her husband on her called sakaar. It took her only three days to kill all of the heroes and enslave humanity to her whim. Some of the super powered people hated us so they decided to join her side and these beings are the savage red she-hulk, the magical, seductive, and controlling enchantress, the inhuman queen with the ability to control her hair medusa, and the sorcereress sersi. I was only 16 when my family was murdered for refusing to live under the control of caiera and I was taken then turned into a slave/gladiator. What happens is that every day I fight against increasingly difficult opponents in front of caiera, her generals, and her subjects until one or a group of them decide to buy me temporarily or forever. Ive only been bought temporarily and that was so the people could turn their deadliest fighter into a humiliating sad, weak, piece of nothing. One day after a fight against a flesh tearing robot I look to the crowds and see that ive drawn the eye of the queen and her generals.

(Foot fetish must be allowed. You play caiera and the generals. Please be descriptive. You dont have to play them all at once you can make it they take him one at a time or they all use him at once or something)
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Skill:immediatly teleport,sword special attack,void creator in his right hand
Weapon: sword
Job: student
Likes:weapons,talk with new people,kill who attack his friend
Dislikes:false people

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Looking for female friends. I'm very detailed and want people to hangout with and chat with. Please add me
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Any girls want to RP as one of these video game characters? Let me know and I can send a pp with the story, also if you want you can do a combination of who you want it to be between, for example Peach and Mario, Link and Zelda, Luigi and Daisy, or something like Kirby and Rosalina. I'd even be willing to do two girl as well, but I'll let the decisions up to you. Please comment if you'd be interested and with who you'd like to play as, thanks

Female characters from L-R
- Princess Peach (Super Mario Bros.)
- Princess Daisy (Super Mario Bros.)
- Princess Rosalina (Super Mario Galaxy)
- Samus Aran (Metroid)
- Purple Heart/Neptune (Neptunia)
- Black Heart/Noire (Neptunia)
- Green Heart/Vert (Neptunia)
- White Heart/Blanc (Neptunia)
- Iris Heart/Plutia (Neptunia)

Male characters from L-R that I'd be playing based on the RP
- Mario (Super Mario Bros.)
- Luigi (Super Mario Bros.)
- Toad (Super Mario Bros.)
- Shy Guy (Super Mario Bros.)
- Link (Legend of Zelda.)
- Kirby (Kirby series)
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Any beautiful girls wanna rp with me?

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So I've been seeing lots of complaints of people begging eachother for pp's or hangout invites. To the point where members are leaving because of this, constant requests or making it so that if you are repeatedly asking someone, you're not gonna get it. And it's annoying for the person, since I'd think they have plenty of requests already. If you can't help but continue doing so. Then let this meme explain it better...
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