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20. 8. 2017
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Super femme floor

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Okay, since everybody loves Jandahl...Enjoy!

While Your Lips Are Still Red
By Raven Z Stone
Hannes turned onto his street, his heart pounding. He was close, so close to home, and his lady love. He grinned as he thought of her waiting for him with hot food and open arms and lips ready to kiss him. With every turn of the wheels, he got closer and closer and closer...until he was pulling into the driveway of his house and getting out of the car. He grabbed his suitcase and walked up the path and the front steps. Still grinning, he set the suitcase down and opened the door. He picked the heavy bag up again and walked inside.
“Floor?” he called. He heard running footsteps and suddenly someone's arms were around his neck and a voice was crying,
“Hannes, Hannes, you're home!” He embraced her and swept her right off the ground, twirled her around, then kissed her.
“Did you miss me, Floor?” he murmured.
“What do you think?” she demanded. He laughed.
“I'll take that as a yes.” He kissed her again. She giggled.
“Of course I missed you. I've thought about you every day.” She pulled him into the kitchen. “I've been keeping dinner hot for you.” She set a steaming plate of spaghetti in front of him. “Eat! Before it gets cold.” Hannes dug in.
“Oh, man, I missed this. Your cooking is amazing, Floor.” She gave his arm a playful smack.
“That all?” she asked, popping a forkful of spaghetti in her mouth. He rolled his eyes.
“Of course not. You know what I meant.” She giggled. Man, she was particularly gorgeous when she laughed.
“So how's things with Sabaton?” Floor asked.
“It's going great, the guys and I have been having a blast, the fans love it, we're just killing it! And my hands are killing me.” He held out his hand, palm up. Floor winced and pressed it to her lips, kissing the blisters on the fingertips.
“Poor thing,” she murmured, reaching over to play with his hair. He grinned.
“It feels better now.” She rolled her eyes.
“That's ridiculous. My kisses do not have some kind of magical power to heal your blisters.” Hannes shrugged.
“Could've fooled me.” Floor ran her fingers through his hair.
“Whatever, love, if you say so.” She ate some more spaghetti.
“How are Tuo and everybody?” Hannes asked. Floor, her mouth still full, nodded to say, “They're good,” and she said so once she had swallowed. “Tuomas has written lyrics for a couple of new songs, but mostly we're just screwing around. You know, practicing old material and whatever.” Hannes nodded. “We played around with a bunch of really old stuff, like from back in the early days of Nightwish, Angels Fall First and Oceanborn and Wishmaster. Seriously, I had 'Know Why the Nightingale Sings' stuck in my head for most of the afternoon. It was super annoying.” Floor hummed a few bars of it. Hannes laughed.
“Ugh, I know that feeling.”
“Although, you know, I've got a different tune in my head now,” Floor said.
“What?” Hannes asked. She gave him a sideways smile, a glint in her eyes.
“'While Your Lips Are Still Red.'” Hannes arched an eyebrow at her, making her laugh.
“I think I know why it's that song,” he murmured. Floor made a fake-surprised face.
“Oh, do you?” He nodded and winked at her.
“I know you, Floor.”
“I know,” she whispered in his ear, before kissing his cheek.
After dinner, they did the dishes together, both of them laughing at the jokes and silly things the other said. After that was done, Floor went upstairs to get ready for bed, while Hannes took a shower. Floor decided not to bother with pajamas and got into bed in her shorts and blouse. She settled down to read until Hannes came up. A few minutes later, the door opened and he walked in, his blonde hair still damp. He was shirtless, wearing only a pair of black sleep shorts. Floor smiled up at him and put down her book. He sat down on the bed, his legs hanging over the side. Floor leaned against his back, her arms draped around his neck. She leaned down to kiss his cheek. Hannes turned around and embraced her. She leaned her head on his shoulder, still hugging him. Her shirt had come up a little in the back and his hand was resting on her bare skin. She shivered a little.
“You alright, love?” Hannes asked. Floor nodded.
“Never been better,” she answered, smiling up at him. He smiled back.
“Oh! I almost forgot. I brought you a present.” He let go of her and got up to go rummage in his suitcase for a minute before coming back to the bed. “Give me your hand,” he said, and Floor did. Hannes fastened a silver chain around her wrist and said, “There.” Floor looked down at it and smiled.
“That's gorgeous, Hannes. Thank you! I love it.” He grinned and kissed her.
“I thought you would. I looked and looked for something with musical notes, until I found the perfect thing.”
“I'll sleep with it on,” she said, still smiling. He took her hand and looked into her eyes. She had such beautiful eyes, so blue and sparkling and full of emotion. He leaned in, and very, very gently, touched his lips to hers. Those gorgeous eyes closed as Floor kissed back, harder. Their lips melted together and Floor wrapped her arms around Hannes's neck as he did the same with her waist.
“This is what I missed the most. The food and all, I missed that, too, but I missed simply being with you more than anything else,” Hannes whispered as they broke apart. Floor's eyes opened and she gave him a gentle smile, a smile she used only when looking at him. She caressed his cheek, then leaned in and kissed him again. They had each other, at last, and nothing was going to separate them.

I apologize if you are melting right now and also for any typos.

My mom just tried to hand me my binder (which has a picture of Nightwish from the Endless Forms Most Beautiful photoshoot on the cover) and she almost hit me in the head with it, and I said,
"Woah, not in the head. Trying to floor me with a book?" It took her a moment, but then she said,
"Oh, that's funny."

I laughed so hard the first time I saw this:
You ask for more
You're under my skin
You push, I'm floored
This is a fight I'll never win
You bring me down
You're under my skin
Don't break me, no!

I'd heard the song before, but I never realized that's what she actually says. What goes on inside our queen's head, I do wonder sometimes.

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