I have been triggered today. I hate this crap; flying into a rage when things go slightly wrong. I'm down to one mood stabilizer, and it's not working for me. Everyday, I am symptomatic. This is b.S. My toolbox seems to be locked right now, as I am going shopping just to go spend money. (&(#$ ) !!

Feeling a bit better than I was
Though still fragile

Hi Everyone just dropping in to say hi.
Had a psychotherapy session the other day am feeling fragile

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is it a good idea for two people with similar problems to enter into a relationship?
im relatively young and havent had a relationship for 7 years.
ive just tried it and it went tits up.
what are your experiences?

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Hi Guys
Just dropping in.
Been in hospital since December 8th
On road to recovery.

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The Decision to Hunt for Grace
The Most Challenging Peace
Hello friends! Thank you for meeting me again on my blog, in words, heart, and ideas. This blog is a testimony of what is broken and ugly being made right and redeemed. If you are new to this page, you are most welcome here. My dream is to open someone your...
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