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love this song.

This is the new description.
S.A.F.E is back 

The raving beast, the nightmare of thought, means a monster to the eyes of the race of humans. The beasts haunt their very dreams screaming with hostility. The human race fears shadows as if they were the scourge of life. Yet beyond their safe dwellings the most dangerous war of all history is being fought. Hundreds of millions dying every years, while the humans remain largely ignorant. The struggle of the wild, the quest to reproduce before being eaten, has been going on for eternity, always in equilibrium between life and death. But now in the twentieth and twenty-first century humans have decided that the term “eternity” only means that it goes on forever until man seeks to end it. The balance of life and death has been tipped by the fortune hunters who don’t have the mental capacity to realise what they are doing to themselves, the environment, and all animals who live on this earth. Because of these weak minded fools, who seek to destroy our very existence and the existence of many species of life on earth, instead of millions dying, the number has increased to billions. Every second 3,000 animals die by human hands either in slaughterhouses or in the wild. Every year more than 58 billion land animals are killed for food. According to a recent study the amount urge you to think about these beasts, these nightmares of thought and complement this one question “who really is the monster, the cold hearted humans or the animals we kill by the billions?” 

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Hello! This is the video! First of a new series!
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I have been reading books about and by Jane Goodall. This is just one small quote that has stayed with me for a while so I thought to share it with everyone here.

We can't leave people in abject poverty, so we need to raise the standard of living for 80% of the world's people, while bringing it down considerably for the 20% who are destroying our natural resources.
Jane Goodall

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I have just found out something absolutely appalling, Monarchs are going extinct! The last few years people have been destroying milkweed the plant, Monarchs depend totally and incurably on milkweed. And now people have been poisoning milkweed and killing it with pesticides. The lack of milkweed will undoubtedly kill all of the Monarchs. Not being able to explain it as well as the site below, I ask you listen or read this Living on Earth production.
Thank you

Plans: right now I am making a video with my dad about how much a garbage a family creates in a week then how much work it takes to cut that by half. We will then put his up on Readit, Facebook, Youtube and all the blogs my dad and I have created. When this video is done we should get around 200 more members when that happens we can begin the real work and start making a difference!

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Hello everyone! Please welcome Susanna Grannis, who has changed the life of countless children dramatically. Susanna Grannis has visited Africa an amazing amount of times. She went there because she wanted to help children affected by AIDS. She created a organisation called CHABHA (children affected by HIV/AIDS) which flourished.
If you want to look at her website here it is:

Well that's it for but remember WELCOME HER!

I have just figured out something terrible and amazing today, I have decided to share it with you:
Every year the USA throws out 45,000,000,000 pounds of garbage that is the same weight as the the pyramid of Giza or the weight of all the humans on the earth combined.
My source is myself and this is how I figured it out. I know, and you may check this, that every year the average person throws away their weight in garbage. Now I know that this is not exact but it will be close. If I times the average weight with the population of the USA and I get 45 billion. That is all I wish to share with you.
Thank you for reading!
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