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Kurumi Is so awesome do you agree

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Happy to have joined! Here is my profile!

Name Mei Hemis

Age 16

Gender Female

Supernatural Species Angel

Likes Cake, Cats, Candies, Music, Movies, Singing, Dancing, Jokes, The Violin, Animals, Instruments

Dislikes Death, Screeching, Abrupt Loud Noises

Personality Sweet, Kind, Sarcastic, Caring, Careless, Hopeful, Musical, Strong, Intelligent, Independent, Clumsy, Honest, Brutal, Harsh
6 Photos - View album

im new btw to this group

DA HELLO :3 ill be making a picture of my character soon once my exams are finished :3

I'll have profile probably by tomorrow btw! Thankies for invite

i have no idea what this is but i like the title so i joined ^^

This is also +ステファニー・チャン Stephanie​ Profile.

My Rp character <3

Name: Ocean
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Supernatural Monster: witch
Likes: horror movies,boy-ish stuff,
Dislikes: Meat!!!!!!!, Animal hunters
Personality: nice, smart, tomboy, magical
Friends so far: melody
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