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With all the hullabaloo about G+ shutting down next year, I thought I'd post here to get the discussion started for our group.

The truth is, this group is not super active. It's not dead, but it's not like there are daily posts and discussions. The first question to ask is will anyone miss it an do we need to find a new home en masse? I think more likely, the discussion will be "where are you moving to and do you want a Star Frontiers community there?"

That said, the Star Frontiers community has a couple of active locations still on the web. The main ones are:

- A general forum site created by +Bill Logan and maintained by me - - this site is slowly getting a refresh but I only work on it sporadically.
- For those on Facebook, there is a community there -
- Our Discord server (invite link from comments):

There are also a number of blogs and other sites like the fanzines out there.

A large number of general RPG community members are trying out MeWe. As such I've created a Star Frontiers group there. If you want to join the group invite link is: (and my personal mewe profile is: - I just joined today so it's pretty sparse at the moment)

Do we worry about moving? What features would we like a community locale to have? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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I posted on the Discord in Spacerslounge. I want to start an adventure. looking for 4-7 interested people. I can only play on discord early mid morning, central time, Texas. Or Play by Post on Tavern Keeper.


It began as a simple cargo run from Cassadine to a little place called Carita's on the fringes of Dixon's Star. You had the stolen star map that you paid Gurg the Dralasite a lot of creds for. A simple run that skipped Prenglar, cut across the empty space, simple...right?

Well it's all fun and games till your cargo starts flashing warning lights!

Carita's Run is an adventure set in the the Star Frontiers Universe for 4 to 7 beginning characters.

"The Hub" on Nariya

OK I've read the Alpha Dawn Combat Rules and played over 30 years ago! ;) So I was curious if anyone had a combat session walk thru?

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Free spaceship deck plans which are grid-based, visually compatible with StarFrontiers...
This cost-free set of spaceship deck plan geomorphs was posted by +Winchell Chung in The Other Social Network (you know the one)...

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Real world fodder for those of you who use Ag Ships (from the Knighthawks campaign book) in your SF, and/or are fans of the old movie Silent Running - a modern indoor farming operation that is designed around the robots they use to do the farming (including, interestingly, the equivalent of a SF robot built on a Heavy chassis body to transport the produce from the farm).

In SF terms, figure that transport 'bot would be something like a Level 4 (some independent thinking, able to understand / respond to voice commands), Heavy chassis, wheeled bot; cargo rating might be equivalent to a hover truck.

For those of you looking for Star Frontiers proxie miniatures Check out Alternative Armies and the figures made for Ganesha Games; Mutants and Death Ray Guns line. Some of the Simian X figures would make awesome Yazarians!

Hi all.

Is it still possible to find the Alpha Dawn Remastered rules PDF anywhere?

I own PDF and print-on demand copies of the books from Drive-Thru (as well as the originals), but I really liked the layout of the remastered books and had the PDFs until my hard drive died on me.

Thank you.

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Want a new star system to poke around in?

Here's a brief write-up I did for a system in the FrontierSpace game. However, it's mostly just a astronomical system brief so if you drop the little bit of history/background, you could easily use the star system itself as an undiscovered system in or near the Frontier. Enjoy.

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Here's a completed map of the village of Rosegard, and a description of the town. It's located about 400 km NW of Point True on Pale in a mountain valley. For those following the actual play (which I desperately need to update the feed for), this is the town it all started in.

For those following along, the trademark application for the name "Star Frontiers" by Evil Hat has officially been declared abandoned by the US Trademark Office as of Aug 13th due to failure to file a Statement of Use within the allotted 6 months (It was due by July 9th). Now it will be interesting to see what WotC does.

(I would have seen this last week but I was on vacation and wasn't checking.)
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