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In case you haven't noticed, Evil Hat Productions, LLC submitted an trademark application on July 2, 2017 for the Star Frontiers name for RPG material. - (I'd link directly to the US Trademark Office search results but the searches time out as I discovered on Twitter.)

You may now all lose your collective minds.

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And here's the cross section for that new version of the Assault Scout.

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Okay, finished the color on the side I'm using for the Frontier Explorer issue. I still need to do a bit on the other side and the back. Just for fun here's a scale comparison of the original version from the rules (left) and my redesigned ship (right). The new one is slightly larger.

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A new cult for your reading pleasure .
I will set some time aside to create some attributes for them as well.

Okay. The 35th Anniversary patches are basically gone (I think I should have made 300 instead of just 200). I have just a couple left that I'm holding for a few people. So I'm thinking of making a "Star Frontiers Forever" patch if I can get permission from WotC. The question is what to put in the image.

I've thought about a spaceship battle between Assault Scouts and a sathar Destroyer but I also kind of want to depict the races as well. I'm kind of toying with the idea of an image similar to the one on the cover of the "Muntiny on the Eleanor Moraes" module but with a head shot of each of the four races around an Assault Scout, maybe with a sathar at the bottom. The trick is to get it all in a 2.25-2.5 inch circle at low resolution 🙂

Anyone have any ideas or suggestions on what they would like to see? Would you be interested in such a patch? I have a half a dozen other patches I've designed as well that I will eventually produce if I can but I think this one will probably be my next one although my Truane's Star Expeditionary Force patch ( - a few of my other patches are link from that page as well.) is currently running a close second.

Anyway, share your thoughts. 

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Learning Blender to add color (via materials and UV maps) to my new assault scout 3D model. I think I'm slowly getting the hang of it. Here's my progress so far. You might see the final version in the upcoming Frontier Explorer issue.

For those of you who could use some fresh inspiration for your Star Frontiers games, the SyFy series Dark Matter (and SyFy's other space series Killjoys, on the action side, and The Expanse, on the more cerebral side) is worth checking out.

No aliens, but a group of ne'er do wells who are randomly thrown together and then must stick with each other to survive makes for some good sci fi fun..

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some photoshop fun I put together

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Hello all,

I own a small miniatures company called Loud Ninja Games and on of my most popular alien races are the Ikwen and I thought I would offer up some of the concept art for that project here for those who might be looking to add another alien race to their games.

The Ikwen were conceptualized as a people who's planet of Kwiell had been overrun by off-world powers who sought to exploit the natural, unique resources of the planet.

Kwiell, having once been a vast ocean world, had since turns into a wasteland covered in strange life that seemed to have evolved from the ocean and amphibious creatures that once populated it shallows seas. The primary resource that has brought off-worlders to Kwiell are vast deposits of strange biol-silicate matter that is extremely useful in biotechnology and medicine but new resources, including the planet's life have been found as well.

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Some blue sky speculating but was wondering what others think. Sound off in the comments or a new thread. (And so all the responses don't have to be in the comments of this topic, feel free to use #reviveStarFrontiers to signal it's part of this discussion)

If someone were to get the appropriate rights to commercially publish Star Frontiers (or WotC revived the game themselves), what types of materials would you be interested in seeing come out for the game?

Re-printed rules?
Revised rules? (what would you like to see updated)
Setting books? (e.g. describing the worlds of the Frontier)
Tech guides? (equipment, weapons, vehicles, ships, etc)

I'm sure there are other things that I'm not thinking of but I'm curious where others would put the priority.
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