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Quick introduction:
0.1 In this community many actions are category based so they only influence the official state of the game when they are posted in the correct category.
0.2 You cannot make more than five changes to the map each day.
0.3 This way the game has a more boardgame-like style but even better.

How to join in:
1. Make a post in the "Join Game" category.
1.1 You must choose a name for your country. (Realistic)
1.1.1 You can give it a flag.
1.1.2 you must provide religion, population, at most three special troops, trade shall be given by moderator, technology, region (realistic please).
1.3 the borders and provinces are going to be historical.
1.3.1 These provinces must be adjacent to each other or be close if not far overseas
1.3.2 You may only revolutionize from players who have more than 9 provinces or are the one with the most provinces.
1.3.3 When joining the game you cannot choose provinces in which you have already started once in the current game.
1.3.4 You can split another player's country when joining as a revolution. You can start as a revolution according to the size of the country the revolution takes place in. Example: In Russia, which has 20 provinces, a Soviet Revolution could start with up to 5 provinces.

How to win:
2. You win by dominating the world by yourself or with your alliance.

How to lose:
3. You lose when you have no remaining provinces.
3.1. You may restart as a new country then.

How to gain land:
4. You can take provinces by posting the ones you get in the "Changes" category.
4.1. You are not allowed to make more than 5 changes to the map a day by battles and sieges
4.2. Spamming the "Changes" category can get you banned.
4.3 it is advised to post army movement in changes

Important to say:
5. Everything has an effect on game i.e trade , army , region , religion etc
5.1. You must post what happened in your country (be realistic please)

Battles and sieges:
6. It will be like the example (for clarification the battle will be in comments “maximum tactics for 1 player = 3” each player will have his turn in the battle)
6.1 in battle information please provide army size of both sides and the army specialty of a country.

How to play:
7. Between expansions you may freely interact with other players and/or NPCs. Use the "General" category for interacting with players and the "NPC-Interaction" category for interacting with NPCs.

8. NPCs react using some rules:
8.1 NPCs never attack.
8.2 NPCs can be diplomatically annexed when the following points are true:
8.2.1 NPC is bordering (or close to if overseas later in game) the annexing country.
8.2.2 The annexing county is culturally/systematically/linguisticly/by name close to the NPC.
8.3 NPCs can only be played by moderators.
8.4 NPCs may take provinces in war but they are relatively weak.
8.5 Players cannot decide what NPCs to.

9. There are eight alliances in the game.
9.2 Every player can join and leave an alliance by posting it into the "Alliance" category.
9.3 You are only allowed to change your alliance once a day.
9.4 When someone wants to join an alliance the current members can vote to not let the newbie in.
9.6 Allies don't have to help each other in offensive wars but they can.
9.7 An alliance must not have more than 11 members.
9.8 An alliances must not contain more than half of or half the players.

Splitting countries:
10. When a country is split by something else than Water for more than one day the owner of that country loses one half to independence.

Overexpansion penalties:
11. When a player tries to make more than five changes a day he/she's going to:
11.1 Not get the additional provinces you wanted as fierce defence
11.2 Lose as many of your own provinces as you wanted new ones as an npc revolt

12 A half year (day) ends and begins at 00:00 Hamburg Time (Germany).

13 The following describes the province behaviour.
13.1 Provinces may be part of one country and one country only.
13.2 Provinces are indivisible
13.3 Provinces are indestructable.
13.4 Players cannot create new provinces.

Subject Players:
14 A player can, but cannot be forced to, become subject to another player. Even after losing a war the losing player still has to agree to become a subject player. If he/she doesn't he/she won't.
14.1 Subjects and rulers always fight together in wars.
14.2 Subjects must try to join the ruler's alliance.
14.3 Subjects may leave the subject status by declaring war on their ruler or gaining independence diplomatically.

Events :
15.1The Events can occur whenever it's time arrive. Example: French revolution = 1086 AD
15.2 Events will affect the military or trade or civil wars etc.
Example: American Independence war , cut of Silk Road etc.

Things to never do here:
16. People who post the following things repeatedly can be punished for it, also all such posts will be removed if they weren't made with permission:
16.1 Other roleplay communities.
16.2 Open racist hatred without roleplay context.
16.3 Unrelated crap.
16.4 Spam.
16.5 Post what happens in other countries.
16.6 Post what others decide

i'll be the hunnic Empire, the same

The RP is restarted!!!!!!


Battle of Dublin :

Irish kingdom (defenders) = 10,500 = famed ballistas

Irish rebels (attackers) = 9,670 = masters of military

Name :

Population = (15 million and below)

Type of government =

The religion =

Technology =

Trade =

The current ruler =

Relationship with papal states =

Special Troops = (type)

Troops : (Amount)



Saxony expands carefully trying to not provoke any wars

(If there is double post blame internet and google+)

I am the Papal States

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As Eric The Victorous death struck the hearts
of meny his skull shall be prozerved in an room 3500m below for future genoratons to find the new goverment now re-named the country to be New Britland.

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The New Britland troops attack finland and loose 1,400 of there men but anaxed the country.
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