Latin Americans.
It is puzzling how people of the U.S. and most Hispanic countries have a problem with Haitians and guadeloupeans being labled as Latinos or Latin Americans. First of all the term latinos like white, black/afro-americans, is just a sociopolitical construct to marginalize people and figure out how to treat them in the virtual world where whites are on top of the list and blacks at the bottom. Latinos, to my undetstanding refers to any countries whose language is Latin based like brazile/Portuguese, cuba/spanish, Haiti/ french. Like everything else in this world this term is being used out of its supposed context mentioned above. Now, latinos are more related to spanish speaking mixed breeds of people who have a certain color/tone. This color game is prevalent in America ( not just the U.S. ), a cancer that lingers and in our psyche and renders us inhuman. You can pretty much tell how much insight or how learned someone is based on how he or she approaches this color game. It is with great joy that i tell you that the future will not be as ignorant as this present and that integrity will prevail even among Caucasian descendants. We will cease to see others as different because of appearance and learn to accept and love them because of their humanity. I stay convince that wisdom will outweigh Our ego which is at the root of our ignorance, pride and hatred.
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