There only two genders cause confusing LGBTQ communites!!!!!!

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A common argument against the rights of transgender people is a high suicide rate among those with gender dysphoria implies a mental disorder, and therefore anything between social acceptance to allowance of transitioning is promoting it. However, if you ask anyone who uses this argument about the mass discrimination against the transgender community you will find either denial or ignorance, the former usually taking the form of "Well, look at this person! If the mainstream media occasionally accepts them then there is no reason for the high suicide rate besides mental illness!"

Imagine having little to no employment opportunities, having to rely on shelters who may kick you out if they find out your true nature, having a really low income no matter how hard you work, being constantly bullied and harassed, and under the constant threat of even being murdered or raped for simply being a different; a difference that comes from something you cannot control. Under these circumstances, why wouldn't suicidal behavior somewhat increase? Transgenders have little to no human rights in the United States and the empirical data seems to agree with this asseveration. The Task Force released an analysis on the mass institutionalized oppression transgenders face. Discrimination in health services is also a serious predicament the community faces today.

There is more evidence of mass discrimination and persecution. Societal attitudes and their manifestations into our material world does more harm than good, destroying the mental health of transgenders.

What the evidence shows is that transitioning and social acceptance, along with the obvious material manifestations that occur because of this, decreases the risk of suicide among transgenders. We have seen this in Canada and Belgium, countries that have a reputation for being very pro-LGBT.

In conclusion, transgenders should be allowed to transition and we need to acknowledge their human rights in every way possible in order to improve their quality of life and decrease their risk in suicidal behaviors. A conclusion, I feel, cannot be argued with.

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