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guys its my loving quote (collection) i hope you like, plz come to see my collection if you like plz give me a comment or +1

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...'And you love the game '🙈😁

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Come on guys, plz enter! U can also send me a private post! Plz enter!
So after the voting it is decided that I'm going to do an edit contest!!!!

The edits that you make have to remind you of your time with friends or a song that reminds you of fall/autumn! The song(s) you pick have to be by Taylor Swift!

Here are some rules about the edit contest:
1. Taylor has to be in your edit!
2. You must explain why it reminds you of your time with friends or why it reminds you of fall/autumn!
3. You can submit up to 3 edits.
4. You cannot ask people what they are doing for their edit/copy their ideas!
5. You have to have fun making your edits! :)

If you are going to enter do the following:
Send me your edit(s) on hangouts.

When you share them, use #saclfriend-autumneditcontest AND tell me what I told u to tell me and give me your edits!

1rst place: Shoutout, follow back, and 4 edits.
2nd place: Follow back and 2 edits.
3rd place: 1 edit.


You can submit edits anytime from now to May 13!

Please enter!


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Join it for Taylor 
This community is for all Swifties
Join if u love our Queen Taylor Swift 

Please follow +❤♫We Love Taylor!!!♫❤! They're trying to get to 1K! They post awesome Taylor posts and are really punny!

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Join if u love Taylor swift
Reject if u hate her
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