Ummm... Hey...

Can someone help fix my roof?

Ok, this community is going nowhere. We should have more Role plays if we want to keep this community going.

Once upon a time +PeaceyPraps-

Who wants to go out with me?

Peacey? Did you make this community? Its name is a reference to trains.
Either tat or I subconsciously made it with a different account, I like trains too.

breaks thought he ceiling I'm bored, come pay with me. (I mean that in the least sexual way, I'm taken, yeah ladies I can feel how upset you are)

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Name: Royale Francais
Age: 16
Race: Pegasus
Likes: Candy, anime, drawing, space, Aiden Therrien, fruit, video games, reading, animals, and speaking French
Dislikes: Swimming, math, and barrels
Bio: She's a clumsy, and out-going mare. She left Prance (France?) to come to Ponyville. When she was a fillie, her father was teaching her flying lessons. When the lesson went wrong, her wings wouldn't stop. She broke out of the atmosphere and saw the world. (That's the story how she got her cutie mark ^^)

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^w^ +The Pony From Zenith is so cute!

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name: music love
race: alicorn
gender: filly
likes: playing music fun friends
dislikes: being bored jerks bullies
other: she was choosen to be the princess of music she can make a sound piercing to some  or gentle to others she often is bugging others
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