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I love my sweet love with all my heart and soul. We have had a long hard ride and we are working to make this servive. I'm praying it will , I can't live without her , but some times I think she's not totally there .certain things take her attention , other than wanting to give it to me . I give her all of me , I just want all of her. Don't know what to do cause it causes problems if I say something . how can I make her see that I'm hurt , without taking away from her .please help

Nobody ever talks on here this sucks im out

Im getting sad cause i dont think im gonna see my girlfriend any more i havent seen her im months im getting worried

Hi guys/girls im new here and i love my girlfriend so much. She is really nice to me she never gets mad or upset shes perfect

Hey there guys... kekekekeke

Thanks for inviting me and your soo sweet doing this for your girlfriend

Welcome everyone glad to have you
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