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Mura sits cross legged over the city atop of some tall tower hmmmm why was I sent here these people aren't all ready yet

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Name: Jericho-035
Gender: male
Age: 17
Species: human, SPARTAN 3 commando
Sexual orientation: straight
Powers: hard light shield, infrared vision
Speed/agility: 10/10
Strength: 7/10
Intel: 5/10
Endurance: 9/10
Stealth: 10/10
//Weapons and discription of weapons//
Weapon name: dual Type 1 Energy Swords
Dual M7S Submachine Guns
Discription: Type 1: two plasma blades extend from the hilt
M7S: suppressed SMG, normally used by O.D.S.T. troopers
Abilities: no specific abilities
//discription of character or have a pic//
Height: 7'4"
Hair color: black
Eye color: blue
Weight: 750 lbs (armored) 308 lbs (unarmored)
Build: athletic
Bio: a young SPARTAN 3 who was taken from an orphanage, now arguably the most powerful soldier in the city (outside of George)

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Name: Mura Vaskio
Gender: Male
Age: ???
Species: Demon
Sexual orientation: straight
Powers: blood bending, weapon summoning, teleportation, last defence (buts a red defence aura around him, resurrect
Alias: Death
Speed/agility: 18/10
//Weapons and discription of weapons//
Weapon name:scyth
Discription: large black and red syth
Abilities: time shift
//discription of character or have a pic//
Hair color: red
Eye color: red
Weight: 156
Build: toned but skinny
Bio: born into a demon family he rose up from poverty into the position of death making him neutral

George was walking through the forest, his Magnum in hand
George: this place is kinda creepy, wonder if I'll see Ember again anytime soon
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"My okay brain is so beyond okay that I think it's finally okay"

Name: Graham Specter
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Species: Human
Sexual orientation: Straight
Powers: none

Speed/agility: 5/10
Strength: 9/10
Intel: 7/10
Endurance: 5/10
Stealth: 1/10

//Weapons and description of weapons//
Weapon name: Monkey wrench
Weapon description: an oversized monkey wrench encrusted with rust and dried blood
Abilities: none

Height: 5 ft 6 inches
Hair colour: Blonde
Eye colour: Blue
Weight: 110 lbs
Build: he is more muscular than he looks and is quite strong.

Bio: Graham is mechanic, he thoroughly enjoys his work and he is borderline obsessed with dismantling vehicles,it borders on psychopathic, though he assures people that he is sane. He often talks to himself incoherently while taking things apart, people say he is mentally unstable they're right but he's not violent well not unless someone gives him reason to be. He sometimes talks to his wrench but he isn't to sure about it himself sometimes he refers to it as a she sometimes as a he, most people say its an act but those who know him well, know for a fact it's not.
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Mary is losing control, after that night she has been locked up in her room and darkness slowly entering into her heart making her evil

+Dark Link​

George was up in the Secire mountains climbing up to the peak
George: this place is colder than winter on Reach I swear, at least my armor keeps me from freezing to death 

George was sitting in house loading his weapons
George: holding his rifle 3...4, ok onto my magnum picks up a magazine for his pistol 1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8

silvos is sitting in in the back of a restaurant wings folded up to make room but scraping the floor as he reads the menu you step in and...

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Guild name: Argentum Lingua (Silver Tongue
Guild Motto: Veni Ad Nos divitias (Riches Come To Us)
Type of Guild: Thieves and Merchants

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