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Well, this is my first post.

It's freezing outside. 

My day started with a nutritious meal. My Aloe Concentrate, Pomegranate tea with Active Fiber Complex & protein Beverage mix, and my Pumpkin Spice with Dulce De Leche shake.

But...... but......

I then ate a chicken sandwich and later an In-N-Out burger accompanied with fries. :(  But that's not the worst part. I had a second burger, with fries towards the end of the day.... also from In-n-out. :( :( I super messed up. I have a hard time controlling myself sometimes. I didn't prepare myself with snack defense. I didn't even use Thermo Bond and I should've. my cheat day went wrong. But, one this I do know, everyday is a new day and I will continue working on controlling my food intake.

Have any of you gone through this problem?

I should've had my burgers lettuce wrapped. Darn. Next time. Just thought about it.
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