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You want RESOURCES!? We've got resources!
Cheat sheets, name lists, podcasts, and cultural guides…
YOU create it, WE hawk it!

Browse our one-stop shop here at the Corilois Caravanserai—
if we don't have what you need, it might not be available… yet.

Okay, so the idea is that this pinned post will have links to the various fan-made items our community has made. A Coriolis Repository of gaming information!
Perhaps the comments in this post will be only links to resources, while queries & accolades about cheat sheets and resources can be asked/praised in the general forum; this post would only keep links to the materials.
We can learn as we go, and try what we need until it all works well for us.

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The next step in the journey of the Spectral Corsair’s Captain and crew, possibly a fateful One as the old Captains Curse threatens to raise its head once again...

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For anyone who might be interested, there's a Coriolis group on MeWe that you're welcome to join in light of G+'s impending demise.

Could anyone help me out with the correct sequence for the published material. What order should I run Dying Ship, Last Voyage, Aram’s Secret & Emissary Lost?

Going to do one of those monthly challenges where you do something every day. I'm going to draw a new spaceship everyday to beef up Coriolis shipyard. Google+ is closing but I'll try to post them on the Facebook group occasionally but will most definitely have them on my Instagram.

Not sure how good they will be but what are the types of ships you think Coriolis is really lacking in design?

Where is this community moving to when Google+ shuts down soon?

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A little something inspired by a conversation over on the Year Zero Worlds Discord server... The last experience question ("Did you act in accordance with your icon?") is somewhat ambiguous. I wrote these specific questions to help players and GMs determine experience.

Each icon has two aspects (benign and insidious) so there are two questions for all. (The judge's description has me stumped.)

Feedback desired!
- Are these questions all at the right "level" for determining experience?
- How might you word any of these questions differently?

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After struggling to find good Darkness Point tokens for some time, this is what I ended up with; antique middle eastern coins. Some of these are over 1000 years old, but there's so many in circulation that they were actually cheaper than many of the tokens you can buy for RPGs.

Their age and unique appearance does add extra gravity to the way they are handled in game somehow.
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