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Have fun


Godly parent ((like Apollo or Zeus)):

1: Respect mods and owners
2: No op character's
3: Must have template to rp
4: No sexual stuff and if there is must be a pp
5: Have fun

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Su-Jin was sitting at the lake shore. She had a small flame flickering in her palm. She was quietly singing save me by bts.
Save me~ Save me~ I need your love before I fall.~

Amelia was at lake resting on one of the docks with a book in hand. Her grey eyes ran across the page as she re-read the book for the sixth time. She sat with her bathing suit and a t-shirt on enjoying the warm day. She saw someone run past and jump into the lake splashing her and the book. She stood up and walked up to the edge looking for the person who spoiled her nice moment.
{Open roleplay, no text talk please.}

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Danka was practising her fire magic, since bring the daughter of Helios she must practice to control the powers she got from her father

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Name: Frost Dragonian
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Mother: ???
Father: ???
Siblings: Jet and Shock
Godly parent: Apollo
Powers: Teleportation, can emit freezing cold air, and freezes everything inorganic he touches.
Personality: Emotionless, unless around someone he is comfortable with. Can be joyous, extroverted, excited, and funny.
Likes: Jokes and Puns ((Ice puns specifically)). Word play.
Dislikes: People who hate on his puns and anything that is too hot.
Appearance: Picture
Bio: No one knows for sure besides Shock and Jet. Most people think that he's just a person who appeared. He hides his emotions lime he's been through some war.

trains in using a dagger with a design of a poppy on it and a group of kids from both the Aries and Zeus cabin come to me to start a fight with me
Aries kid: hey daydreamer get your head out of the clouds
Zeus kid: stop trying to act cool
me: I'm not interested to fight
Zeus kid: Shut up throws a bolt of lightning at me
me: woah rolls out of the way

Does the godly parent have to be greek?

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((Open rp))
((No text talk))
Jacob was at the lake his hand over the water as he walks around. You see it and walk towards him

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walks around the lake with this confused look on my face thinking about all that happened to me over the 12 years I was here what was my purpose I exist and why I'm here kicks a rock into the lake I try to fit in but I cant frowns I'm the only son of Morpheus here and I cant even use my powers correctly like the other kids here stares into the lake looking at my reflection
(if doing romance must be female)
(no text talk)

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Name:Kim Su-Jin (Su-Jin)
Mother:Kim Hyun (Hyun)
Godly parent ((like Apollo or Zeus)):Hephaestus
Powers: controls fire
Personality:Hyper, funny, and shy if she likes someone
Likes: Sweets, nice people, fidgeting, and building things
Dislikes:Rude people, people who make fun of her.
Appearance:(picture) Has died hair, it's black with faded green tips and her normal outfit is below
Bio:Su-Jin has lived without her father for...well ever. Her mom took care of her and when her mom wasn't home she was alone. With all this time one her hands she learned how to play guitar and sing pretty well. Su-Jin found that she could control fire when one of the kids in town had made fun of her and she almost killed them.She was thrown out from town and wandered around before finding camp.
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