I will now make a pony character. Her name is button bliss, sister of button mash, and she has a sprig of lavender for a cutie mark. She has a purple mane and a brown coat. She is a vegetarian and is an excellent gardener.

Let's rp, I am my new character(she a infinite workspace bookbag)

Hi, New character for me , her name is Erin Moriel, and she is a elf-werewolf, she has magic song and no other weird stuff at all

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My character:
Astoria Malfoy the 2nd
Daughter of Rose and Scorpius Malfoy
Talent: I'm a witch, I can do what I want!
School: Hogwarts
Fave. color: Black and Teal
Fave animal: Panda
Year of birth: 2026

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This is my Harry Potter 3ed generation RPG! Hope you in joy!

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Aroura let's make a comment rpg.I just had to get on kindle

It's a beautiful Autumn evening in Maidenvale. I'm walking through the quickly dissappearing leaves as I do every evening. This time feels different, however. As if it'll be a very long time until I'll be able to again. Sensing this, I freeze one of the prettier maple leaves that have fallen and take it with me, as a reminder of this walk. I glimpse my home through the trees and realize Mother must be worried. I quicken my pace.

emma of the enchanted forest
parentage: unknown
talent:magic song
looks:cloak, blue dress, cocoa hair and eyes
side notes:secretive,always has a spellbook, and only eats blueberrys
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