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Trust me I know rules*yawn* but I need to put these down!

1. No spam in any other section EXCEPT DISCUSSION! And don't put your character in discussion or it will be ignored!
2. One character per person, please! It saves time with me and making schedules!
3. Make drama but no killing and you have to be single because it's a girl's only school. No boy OC's.
4. You can be gay, but don't abuse anyone who is.
5. No being better than anyone else. No saying it and I definitely don't want to see it OR YOU WILL BE BANNED!
6. Don't make up things about yourself after your bio is posted. You can edit the bio, but don't change yourself from shy to insane just because you feel like it. You must have a good reason. And don't make that reason: But I went insane in the RP right off the bat. No, that's rood.
7. Try to use the real words! I don't want to see "lol" unless you put it in parenthesis and are saying it a person OUTSIDE of the roleplay! Ex: (Hey Katie, wanna try making us a special attack in the roleplay) That example shows us another rule that will come later.
8. I will be the principal and a student only because with great power(of being a principal) comes great responsibilities(cough of apparently being a principal and spiderman cough)
9. Use * for actions. ex: I pick up my backpack and head out the door following my friend.
10. You may have special attacks with 1-3 people.
11. You must live on campus. Max dorm occupancy is 2-4 people. You may pick 1-3 people, to be your roomie(s) no more no less.

That's it for rules, and I don't think they are that hard to follow. Next up here is the school:

It's big because we have: Dorms, classrooms, hallways, gym, cafeteria, lab, computer room, etc. And there is like 10 different grades.

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My character!

Name: Kyoko Surati
Fighting skill: Melee
Weapon of choice: Rose celestial sword
Race: Vampire
3 traits: Shy, Strong, Mysterious
Kyoko is a mysterious girl who you would never expect to survive in the wild. She goes to a girl-only school in Japan called: Juuri High School. Her grades suffer in most classes, except fighting, art, music, and survival. The girls at this school are being trained by personal arsenals of information that give them technique of fighting during free time.
Looks: Picture below.
Uniform 12

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Choose your uniform!

Put 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, etc. and put that in your bio.
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