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Write  a  letter  and  then  wait. Then  write  a  letter  again  and then  wait  again. Most  of  the  times  spam the  agents  and  wait.  At  least  they  are  not  asking  us  to  come  and  get  rejected  in  person!

Here's that chapter, as promised.

The Second Best Summer  

Chapter 1
The New Apprentice

“Why, oh why, did you just have to live on an island in the middle of nowhere?”  I muttered under my breath as I climbed the rough, rock walls surrounding the paradise I called home.  Finally out of breath, I reached the top and stopped.  Even if I hadn't just gotten done climbing for an hour and a half this view would have taken my breath away.  There were thousands of trees, all different kinds.  The strong scent of flowers was intoxicating.  And the waterfalls, all connected and flowing into a large pond, were a beautiful sight to see.  Then I looked right in the middle of it all, and saw a small, dilapidated cottage made out of rough brown boards.  I knew that the outside was deceiving.  The inside was modern, clean, and contained many 21st century pleasures, such as the internet, which I hadn’t been able to use for 3 days.  Suddenly a parrot cawed startling me from my thoughts, making me realize I needed to get home soon.  Then I began the long trek down the rocky, steep, path that would take me home.

“I'M HOME” I yelled as loudly as I could. “Anybody here?”   They’re not home, you idiot. They're probably out having fun on the beach or in the woods. I told myself.  “Oh well.”  Then I went straight to my room to change, slipping off my climbing boots as I went, passing through the living room, kitchen, and my uncle's bedroom.  Finally, I reached my room.  Above my bed were my treasures.  Pictures of me and my Mom when I was little, before she died in the Accident.  Thinking about her made me sad, but at the same time it reminded me of the best times of my life, and that made me happy.  I changed out of my pair of cargo pants into my swimsuit.  I pulled on a pair of cut-off jean shorts over that.  I brushed my long, wavy, blond hair, which had become rather tangled.  I grabbed a pair of flip-flops and then re-emerged.  I saw a shadow disappear down the hall to my right, a quick movement, but definitely a shadow.  “Uncle Ross, is that you?” “Hello?”  I turned the corner and saw a guy, probably about my age, 17 or 18 standing there, leaning against the kitchen wall, listening to an MP3 player.  I realized then that he was one of my Uncle's “apprentices”, as he called them.  They were geniuses that he extracted from bad schools and then would relocate them to the island for a summer to teach them all kinds of stuff about science and math.  After a minute of trying to say hello, and him not hearing me, I decided to get his attention.  I walked up behind him, grabbed the two cords that held the earphones to the MP3 player and pulled them out of his ears.  “What the...........!” He said in a surprised way.  He whipped around. “Oh, I'm sorry, you must be Danielle.  Mr. and May never shut up about you.  It was a relief when they said that they had to leave for a week to go to some science convention in Cape Town.” The guy said.  “It's Dani, call me Danielle again, and I'll ring your neck.  By the way, nice to meet you.........”  “Kyle, Kyle .” He said as he stuck his hand out.  “Nobody shakes hands anymore, Kyle.”  I said as I walked out to kitchen. “So, when did Ross and May leave?”  “Two days ago.” He said surely.  “Cool, I don't get the house to myself a lot, they're kind of control freaks.  Oh, Dani, don’t do this, don’t do that, can you help me with this, be careful. You get the idea.” I said trying without success to sound like May.  He smirked.  I looked up at him noticing his medium brown hair and  eyes.  He was kinda cute. “So Kyle, can you swim?” I asked as I walked back down the hall to grab my cell phone.  “Yeah, of course I can, what kind of an idiot would I be to come to an island and not know how to swim.” He said as he followed me.  “Good, I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to have to teach you.” I said. There's a beach on the other side of the island.  Probably, a twenty to twenty-five minute walk from here.” I said.   “Oh, we’re, we’re going swimming.”  Yeah, this heat’s gonna kill me.” I said as I padded further down the hall to the front door.  “Ok, it does sound nice, I'm gonna go put on my swimsuit. I'll be right back.” He said.  “Meet me outside.” I said quickly.  Then he jogged off to the guest room to change. I stepped outside and breathed in the fresh island air.  I turned the corner to look at the ferns I’d planted before I’d left the last time, they were dead already.  I chuckled.  When I came back around the corner, he was waiting, leaned up against the wall.  It was then that I realized how much tan muscle his t-shirt had concealed. You ready to go?” He asked.  “Yes, come on.”  Then I turned around and looked at him.  I said, “If you want to keep abs like that, you’re gonna have to do a lot more than just learn while your here.” I said.  “Are you complimenting the way I look, while trying to make it sound casual?”  He asked inquisitively.  “Maybe.”  I said with a wide grin.  “Race you!” I said excitedly as I took off sprinting.  “What.” He said.  After about fifteen minutes of running I heard his footsteps stop, and wheezing begin.  By now the beach was in sight.  I wheeled around, still jogging, and said “Come on, Kyle, what are you waiting for?”  “I am walking……… to the beach……. from here.” He said tiredly.  When we reached the beach I unfastened and pulled off my shorts in one  fluid motion.  Then I ran and jumped in, the cool water felt fantastic. Out of the blue Kyle asked, “Now that you’re here, I wanted to ask you a question Dani, who’s the woman in the picture in the hall.  I don’t think its May, and I don’t recognize her?” he asked. “Ross didn’t tell you?” I said confusedly.  “Nope. All I know is that you look happy, and that woman is holding you, you were little, probably like five or six. Who is it?”  After waiting a few moments, he said, “It was your mom wasn't it, Dani?”  “Yep.” “Why did you avoid the question, that’s a pretty simple answer?” Kyle replied.  “I didn’t want to talk about her, because she’s dead Kyle, she got killed in a car accident. I miss her so much, and then Ross and May adopted me so I wouldn't have to get adopted by strangers. So I would be with people I knew.  And May can't have kids, so I’m really close to her. I'm sorry I was kinda rude, it's just hard to think about my Mom without getting angry and sad and scared.” “It's ok, Dani. I understand, my Mom's dead too.” He said. “Really, I'm sorry for your loss.” I said. I couldn't believe it; I'd finally met someone who knew exactly how I felt.  “And I am sorry for yours, now I know we haven't been here very long, but let’s get back.” He said.  “Ok.”  I jumped out of the water and threw on my tank top and shorts.  Then I rang all the water out of my hair.  Kyle shook the water out of his.  I rolled my eyes. “What?” He asked.  “You look like a dog when you do that.” I said.  “You mean this?” He asked with a sly smile and he shook his hair again, splattering me with lots of water.  I pushed him into the water and took off running into the woods, he caught up no problem and we raced back.  

When I had gotten back the ability to breath, I said, “Now that we’re back, I have chores to do, you can help me, or go to Ross's study and be a total nerd for the next few hours.” I said.  “Ummmm, I think I'll help you, if that's alright.” he said.  “I don’t bite, you know.  Well not very often anyway.” I said with a sly smile.  He looked seriously worried.  “I was only joking, Kyle.”  “Right, I knew that, so what's first?” He asked.  “Well let me show you the list, ok.” I replied. “Alrighty.” He said. 

Laundry (wash and dry)


Sweep every floor

Dust everything

water the plants

clean the refrigerator

clean the toilets

clean the sinks and showers

put the laundry away

clean the bedrooms TOP TO BOTTOM

mow the grass, and prune the bushes

organize all the papers on Ross’s desk

Love, your favorite Aunt, May

“That is a lot of stuff to do.” Kyle said in awe. “Yep, not all today, but over the next couple days we will need to get it all done.” I said tiredly.  “Here's your last chance to back out, if you don't want to do all this stuff, I'll do it by myself.  You still in?” I asked apprehensively.  “You bet, I'm not gonna leave that monster of a list for one person, that would be a serious offense.” He said jokingly.  “Thanks, I know you would probably rather be doing just about anything else, but I do need the help, so thanks.” I said gratefully.  “No problem, I actually don't have anything better to do, other than study.” He replied. “Yeah, well let’s get to work.” I said grudgingly.

  “I am SO tired.” I said. “ What about you Kyle?” There was no answer only a long, drawn-out moan and soft snoring later on.  Unlike Kyle, I was unable to fall asleep until the clock said 1:47, and only then did I realize that I had been laying there on the couch for almost four hours. As soon as I closed my eyes I fell asleep.

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I am almost done with the first chapter of a story I'm writing, its really cool and although it has some fiction elements its pretty realistic.
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