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My new lps
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Here with my😎😜
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Hi there! Thanks for inviting me here!
If you'd like, I could change the photo for this community. I really enjoy editing LPS photos, and I could make a super cool one for here!
If you say no, I understand, because this is your community with your rules, but I think I could help you out! <3

I am hosting a contest for the community's picture…

1. No fighting,swearing,cursing etc
2. The due date is: 30 of August
3. Must follow theme
4. Must fill out form
5. Contest held every 18th day
6. Have fun
7. No stealing peoples pictures
8. Must send it through youtube

Due Date- 30 of August
Theme- Winter or birthday party
LPS- Husky/Collies or Shorthair/Longhair

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What should I change my channel name to?
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Lps Pixel Studios
Lps Midnight
Lps SugarSwirls
Lps GoldLily
Don't change your channel name! ^^

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Check out my new video:
Also, comment your dares for one of our characters to do! If you need a example here:
I dare Lily to jump in twizzlers
I dare Nathen to eat dirt
I dare Britney to sing "The Duck Song"
I dare Party Nate to climb a tree XD idk
So those are just a few examples! Thanks!!!!

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Hi there pets! How are you? I am good thanks for asking, :)!! I just want to take a moment to say how much I appreciate you guys. You are the most awesomely awesome pawesome, extra extra extrodinary, super pooper scooper cool, beautiful and amazing group of people I know.

I love you guys! I couldn't do this without you.

Stay beautiful.

~ Cassidy <33

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Here you go +lps ZuZu zebra

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If you want One just follow the steps :
1. Put what number lps you want, what color background you want, and (optional) put what text you want
2. Wait for my response
3. Wait for me to finish it
4. then Enjoy!!
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