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Sometimes you want more from life.. You desire more happiness..more adventure..more experience! You wish that time stops and you live the moment some more... You keep on thinking about things, situations and people who either left or just didn't come to you! You wish rain never stops​ or the aroma of wet soil remains forever! You want that day of your school come again when you were patted for your good work or the day when you first met your best friend come back again! You wish that people whom you love be with you forever! You are not satisfied by what life has given to you​.. You want 'Life' to give you more of it! You want to live more! You want to dance more.. love more.. be loved more!!

But as the saying goes.. 'If you give more, You receive more!' It's as simple as that.. Live your every moment to its fullest! Be thankful for everything that Life has offered to you! Live life with such satisfaction.. every moment filled with such love and joy that Life itself says.."You are worthy of more!" Always give your best and you shall receive whatever you desire of!

Thanks for reading! Don't forget You are beautiful! Stay You!✌😇

"In the pursuit of great things in life, we forget how important are the little things!" Sometimes we only concentrate on the final outcome of situations leaving behind the journey upto the destination!

And it soon becomes a habit to just live life insanely, not loving the precious moments of life.. Like the happiness you got when you first time attempted to do something! Or the happiness you got when someone became happy because of you!

It's very important however.. to realise that you are definitely gonna reach your goal whatever it might be.. but what you will miss there.. are the little things which came in your journey and made you reach there! Many a times people realise this when they get there... and don't have the time to look back! They always wish if they would have enjoyed their journey.. but it's too late for them!

But You know what? You still have all the time in front of you! Just live your life and Enjoy the journey & Remember you are gonna reach there! Sometimes you ought to fail in order to succeed! What might seem to be failure at some time.. may become your first step to success! You are capable to do anything you desire for! Just Don't forget to enjoy every moment and Be Happy:)

If you read till the end.. Thank you:) Always remember, you are awesome! 😊♥

Today I am writing this article on the Father's day!

Who is a father? Father is the one who always remains beside you and never doubts your potentials. He always believes in you and motivates you to do your best even when you don't realize you could do it.

He is the one who held your finger and taught you how to walk.. he believed in you and taught you how to ride bicycle! Whenever you needed a cozy and safe place you just had one place to go in the entire world.. your father's embrace!
There existed no place where you felt more better.

A Father always considers your comfort.. your wishes.. your wants.. your happiness before his own. He may live in a small apartment, do his work day and night, sleep for only few hours.. wear the same clothes, eat ordinary but will never let you live in those conditions. He would buy new clothes, nice food and see to it that you are comfortable. He will sacrifice anything and everything just for you! He never complains about his situations and will always show you he is happy even though he is struggling his life just for you!

Its time for us to return his favour and do something for him! Lets make our Fathers proud of us! Lets give him happiness and life he deserves! For that work day and night and Just Remember that it is only you who can do this!!

I love you Papa! Thank you for everything you have done for us!

I know it's frustrating when u run out of time..things don't usually go along the way u would like..whatever u do in the end turns out to be In a mess..that's absolutely nothing u can do about rather than learning from ur mistakes..had the people who r happy and successful today not suffered the pain and bad times..I would never have believed in life..but thanks to the balance life keeps it up to get the time going..I know somethings are not on track as of for now..but I believe it surely is in process of being on track..I have not changed yet..yes only I have began to react differently..Life is all about experiences..a good one or a bad one is all u can make up ur life..To all my friends out there..all I can say is I really do love u all..and u r all precious gems in my behaviour would not have been as it used to be..but believe me..I am on my track to find myself..I may have hurt u intentionally..but believe me it happened in course to find my purpose for my existence.."I Have Not Changed Yet..I Am Reacting Differently"..with a lots of love and happy wishes to all my buddies who are special to my heart and whom I love so so much😊😊

Sometimes I think why is it that I am so emotional.. I get carried away quite easily! I am very easily pleased and feel everything from my heart.. Whenever I find anything heart touching.. I can feel it within me! It happens to leave its print deep within! I believe that seeing things from the other person's perspective i could get more clarity about the situation... I don't really know how people take me to be and I don't even care about that but the important thing to contemplate about this is that how much I am able to understand their circumstances.. their feelings and don't hurt their sentiments. I know many a times I get out of the control of myself and behave as if I even forget who I am! I know that I am guilty each and every such times.. and I am not even worthy of your apologies.. But each time I do anything like this.. I feel sorry for whatever I did.. I wish that they could feel my feelings!
I don't know if ever I will be able to change myself but definitely I will try for it!
Today I choose to say a very Big 'SORRY' to everyone who is reading this post if I have hurt you in anyways! Please take my heartfelt apologies for my mistakes! and also I want to say one thing.. If any time in future I don't behave nicely.. please apologize me for my behaviour! I am really not this kind of a person!

Thanks for reading! Stay You & Stay beautiful! You are beautiful! Always Remember! Keep Smiling:)

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Sometimes in life you come across moments when you start doubting your own potentials.. you are unable to make your presence felt! You keep on thinking about others that they are better than you..You are so much indulged in such thoughts that you forget what makes you stand out from the crowd! You forget that you are not someone to be compared with anyone! You forget that you have a different purpose of your life than them.. you forget that it's nothing to do with their performance.. or their behaviour.. or their nature..The thing that really matters is what you think of yourself.. what you really are from inside... What is your performance.. what is your behaviour towards others..How you project yourself in front of others.. so the thing we should always remember during such times is... Just Believe in Yourself! Have faith! Everything is going to be alright! Live your life! Don't care what others might think of you.. You know yourself.. you know that you are no less than anyone in the universe! No one is you.. and no one can be you.. that's​ the real power you have!! Remember that the mankind needs your contribution..Only you can do that! All the best!!
Stay happy Stay blessed :)

If you read till this point then I must say that you are beautiful! Keep Smiling Always!

There is always something's in your heart that you want to tell to people but don't. There are always some emotions that you wanna share with everyone but don't. That's why these feelings are felt only by your innerself! You never show and they never know! But sometimes it becomes necessary to open up and tell whatsoever that comes into your mind out. Sometimes you have to just burst your inner balloon and let everything that resides within to spill out! 

Always distance yourself from people who make you feel bad about yourself! Don't indulge yourself in such discussions which make you feel like you are not enough! Know your self worth and always Remember that whoever tells you that you are not enough or you are not good are the people who are themselves not sufficient! They are the ones you should avoid talking to.. whatever the situation may be!

Whatever that you come around actually something that you've been thinking about or something that you've just imagined about in the past.. It's always that there is some connection of what is happening with what has already happened before...So its important to take a sneak peek on what's going in your mind and around you! Maybe what you're thinking right now become a "Reality" just as you stop thinking about it!
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